More About Wedding Cakes

We offer two types of cake, Standard Cake and our Custom Wedding Cake, both of which are made by the same baker.

Our Standard cakes are what we use for beach weddings with or without our cake-cutting table set-up. Our cake service is more for the tradition of cake-cutting and sharing a first piece of cake which is a great photo opportunity. The cake-cutting service is not to provide a meal for your guests or to hang out at the ceremony site while everyone eats cake, so for practicality and the intended purpose we suggest a 6" cake. The way it works out more times than not anyway is that couples decide that day to just pack it up and share it later. This also helps to keep your other service costs like limousine to a minimum.

Standard cake are a perfect size for the beach, not too small and not too big and heavy. A custom cake will have an extra layer of cake which makes them taller proportionally than a Standard cake of the same size. All custom single layer, multiple layered, or tiered custom cakes can be customized to fulfill your desires and are only available to be delivered to your reception site. We do not do custom cakes at beach ceremonies.

Note: Square cakes are measured diagonally and are smaller than round cakes of the same size.

Cake Size/Servings Approximations

We leave the actual size of layers or tiers up to the cake maker as they know best the proper size for each layer so that your cake is proportional. Additionally, multiple layered or tiered cakes will have to be a minimum size to have structural integrity irrespective of the number of intended servings. You really just have to tell us how many layers you want and how many people you need to feed.

Round Cake Size

Standard Cake Servings

Custom Cake Servings
















Flavors and Fillings for Custom Cakes

  • Yellow Vanilla.
  • Haupia Coconut Cream - Vanilla Chiffon cake layered with Coconut Haupia and Whipped Cream.
  • Strawberry & Cream - Vanilla Chiffon cake layered with Whipped Cream & Strawberry.
  • Chocolate Decadence - Fudgy chocolate cake with raspberry filling and ganache.
  • Kona Macadamia - Kona Coffee cake with mocha butter cream & chocolate ganache.
  • Passion Mandarin - Vanilla chiffon layered with mandarin orange and Passion Fruit cream.
  • Chocolate Devil's Food - Dark Chocolate cake with layered filling.
  • Carrot Cake - Filled with coconut filling & whipped cream.