Ceremony Times


Choose the proper time to fit the location or the proper location to fit the time.

It's difficult if you try to use a location at the wrong time, the lighting for photos will be different from what we show and generally not as good, traffic, parking, and other things also may not be what we prefer. Up to you though, and we may or may not agree to it.

Morning to mid-day times at all of our daytime beach locations (Waialae/Kahala, Waimanalo, Makapuu, Magic Island) are the best for photography, the best lighting, comfortable temperature (it's less hot), parking, and chance of privacy. Sunrise and very early morning and sunset are not. FYI: Sunset is not visible from any of the above beaches and it will be in shadow).

FYI: Afternoon times after 2 pm can work for Waialae/Kahala and Makapuu can be used as late as 4-5 pm and maybe later depending upon the season. Nice but again, could be in shade, which is not a bad thing necessarily, just not bright ocean colors.

Sunset locations (except Magic Island) are only good for sunset. See about sunset below and our photography page to see how we shoot sunset times.

We don't do suggest sunrise ceremonies or before 8 am, sorry.

You can choose any time you want. If you choose a time for a location which we know will not be good, we'll tell you and you decide. It's up to you.