Beach & Park Wedding Permits

A beach wedding permit is required for all beach weddings in the State on all islands including those fronting hotels, estates, or other venues. There are no private beaches in Hawaii and closed or private weddings on the beach are not allowed.

Permit applications require a liability insurance certificate for to have $1 million, and must meet other specific language requirements, and are issued through the the State of Hawaii, Dept. of Land and Natural Resources and/or City & County of Honolulu (for C&C parks).

We are required to have a permit in order to offer vendor services and we include a basic DNLR permit for our weddings as indicated in our packages and on your contract.

Please be as accurate as possible estimating the number of participants. Our location recommendations are based upon the number of participants and we don't want to have problems for a inaccurate permit. We will not accept liability for a grossly incorrect estimate. If you are expecting more people than originally thought, no worries, just let us know.

FYI: Permit allowed set-ups like these chairs, arches, Chuppah's, etc. are only allowed along the tree-line set back from the water and beach OR on the grounds of a City & County park. They are illegal on the sand and/or next to the water irrespective what you've seen on other websites showing set-ups at Waimanalo, Makapuu, North Shore, and other beaches! Websites charge so much for set-up's and chairs that it's worth it to them to take the risk of doing it illegally and hoping to not get busted. Not bad for the money unless, it's your wedding that get's ruined!