Beach Wedding Permits


We include a DNLR beach wedding permit for up to (10) participants as listed in each package. Extra guests can be added using our Prices & Planning Order Form.

A permit is required for all beach weddings including beaches fronting hotels, private estates, or other venues. Permits are issued through the the State of Hawaii, Dept. of Land and Natural Resources and/or City & County of Honolulu for C&C parks.

Why a permit? Simply, it's government LOL! Beaches in Hawaii are public, there are no private beaches (except military installations). There's a lot of weddings on the beaches throughout the State of Hawaii. Some beaches are busy. Many are fronting neighborhoods. Some companies abuse the use of the public beaches (by doing chair set-up's where they shouldn't) and people rightly get upset.

DNLR permit applications require a liability insurance certificate requiring $1 million in liability coverage and must also meet other stringent specific language requirements (i.e. not all insurance companies can fulfill the requirements).

FYI: The DNLR tells us that, couples and individual ministers cannot apply for or receive permits because of the insurance language requirement. We believe that this administrative restriction is contrary to the intent of the law. We suggest you make a complaint to the Governor and the Insurance Commissioner!

DNLR beach wedding permits are issued for a (30) person max. limit. We cannot get a permit for more than 30 participants. With that said, we can still do your wedding if you have more with the understanding that, you are solely responsible for any actions against AHW in this regard. We've never had a problem but, just to let you know.

Set-ups like chairs, arches, Chuppah's, etc. are only allowed along the tree-line vegetation line and set back from the waterline OR on the grounds of a City & County park.

They are illegal on the sand, next to the water irrespective what you've seen on other websites showing set-ups at Waimanalo, Makapuu, North Shore, and other beaches.

Some websites charge ridiculous prices of $2000+ for set-up's and it's worth it to them to take the risk of doing it illegally and hoping to not get busted. Not bad for them unless, it's your wedding that get's ruined!