About Our Photo Coverage


Each our packages lists the photo coverage included with the package. Coverage is what we shoot and while we list a time for the coverage, it is not time based. FYI: A good photographer gets great shots quickly and efficiently (just like in any profession). We only use good photographers.

When the coverage requirements of your package are completed, we're done. If we finish earlier great, all the better for you. If you arrived on-time and we need to go a little longer, we'll do it, irrespective of the time scheduled.

All packages include a full ceremony coverage and a portrait session including a portrait full-length, a close-up, a full-length scenic, and a group shot of all participants (if any). This takes about 10-15 minutes at most.

An extended portrait session or extra ceremony services like cake & toast adds more photo coverage. Read more here.

Below, we've taken a few of our weddings to give a representation of what we do. We want to give you an idea so you can be comfortable with your package coverage and so you can see an entire wedding and not just the "best shots" like on other websites. And so you can see that we don't do crappy photos! LOL.

FYI: Some of these weddings also include a "Photo Tour" and/or "Extended Session" or photos of other services and are not meant to represent a package coverage, just the quality of our work. We have also eliminated many of the blinks and duplicates in these examples.

Read more Photo FAQ's here.

Ceremony, Portrait, and Scenic Coverage

Ceremony with Extended Portrait Session