A Hawaii Wedding

Hawaii Weddings and Vow Renewals on Oahu

Ko Olina

West Oahu.
10 am to sunset.
Vendor travel fees apply.
Hotel parking required and parking fees apply.

This was a vow renewal at about 11 am.
Click on image to see a few photos.

Ko Olina is about 30 miles from Honolulu/Waikiki and 45 minutes to 1.5 hours drive or longer, depending upon the time of day.

The beach we use is adjacent to the Four Seasons fronting Lanikohonua Estate called "Secret Beach Ko Olina". It's the most scenic of any beach on the entire West of Oahu. See here.

This was a wedding at 5 pm with an extended photo sessions. FYI: We allowed the couple to use their own pastor. Click on image to see a few photos.

Weddings are not allowed on any of the lagoons fronting any of the hotels. You must use an adjacent public beach of which there are two (there is another one a walk down the trinitarians).

All are difficult to impossible parking restrictions and because of that, we use only one of those beaches.

We suggest the morning and before 1 pm afternoon for the best lighting for photos (see above). You get that nice blue water and sky.

Why then do we recommend you to not have your ceremony at Ko Olina?

- It's anything but, "secret" and especially at sunset, it's just busy. That's not especially a big deal except, most times it's people in the background.

- The walk out to the cove is a challenge for children, old folks, and the mobility challenged.

- Parking is unavailable for our vendors and your guests. Yes, they have a small public parking lot but, it's always full and security will turn you away. FYI: We require the client to provide hotel parking for our vendors.

- The lighting direction for photos can be challenging and not the best but, we handle.

- During high tides (which we can check for) or high surf (which we can't), the water and waves can wash up the entire beach, making it unusable.

- Most importantly, vendors travel fees have to reflect the amount of time and effort to get out there from Honolulu. That means they are high, making what should be a simple and affordable ceremony more costly than it needs to be! See our Prices and planning order form.

We do have clients who insist we do their wedding and have no problem with the extra cost. For others, we suggest coming to us and using that money for something else.

Use one of our Windward or Honolulu/Waikiki locations, drive on your own or use our transportation.

FYI: If you're having a whole lot of people who can't travel and/or you did it backwards and set up your reception before anything else, we suppose you're stuck. Let us know and we'll go from there. We prefer and suggest the morning and before 1 pm afternoon for the best lighting for photos and that nice blue water and sky But, late afternoon works too.

This was a wedding at about 3 pm.
Click on image to see a few photos.