A Hawaii Wedding

Hawaii Weddings and Vow Renewals on Oahu

Wedding Video

Professionally created video captures the sound, sight, and emotion of your wedding unlike anything else!

- Video is performed by our professional videographer using a professional grade HD camera and remote lapel audio microphones.
- Video is edited with wedding appropriate Hawaiian music.

- The video is presented on a Blu Ray disk. You may also substitute the Blu Ray disk for a .mp4 file transferred by direct download or a standard DVD disk. Mailing of disks is additional.

- Only our "Ilima" package includes video but, it can be added to any of our other smaller packages.

Example Videos

- The below examples below cannot be streamed as HD and Blu Ray quality. They are are 1080p .mp4 files and more similar to a streaming DVD quality.

FYI: We have a brand new streaming service and will get more examples from previous weddings up soon.

FYI: Each client may have selected additional services and photo sessions. Video samples on this page reflect the editing style and version only and are not an exact representation.

Highlight Video

Our "Highlight Video" is a "movie short" with short scenes of the most important parts of the actual ceremony with Hawaiian music and limited live audio.

Coverage begins at the start of the ceremony and the ends with the proclamation of marriage and the 1st kiss.

It ends up to be about 7-10 minutes in length depending upon the specifics of your ceremony.

Hybrid Video

Our "Hybrid Video" is a mixture of our Highlight and Full Edit videos. Simply, it's longer than the Highlight and shorter than the Full Edit. It has selected cuts of everything the Full edit has except, not the entire length of all events or happenings.

It ends up to be about 10-15+ minutes in length depending upon the specifics of your ceremony and it's a nice compromise for those who want a little more length but, not the entire running length. Basically, it's not too short and not too long.

Full Edit Video

Our "Full Edit Video" is a traditional style video of your entire ceremony Hawaiian music and live audio and including, the license signing, selected portrait session scenes, romantic scenes, and basically everything we are providing.,

Editing is done primarily to transition between scenes and we try to include as much live audio as possible.

Coverage begins at the start of the ceremony and the ends when we end our photo coverage :) Note: It may begin with the arrival and end with the departure of our transportation, if ordered.

It ends up to be about 15-25+ minutes in length depending upon the specifics of your ceremony and if you're having a lei exchange, sand mixing, cake and/or celebratory toast, extended portrait sessions, and our optional transportation video coverage, etc..

How It Works

- The minister and/or groom are set-up with remote lapel microphones before the start and they will be "hot". Watch what you say LOL!

- For the ceremony, the camera is on a tripod for steadiness and for making smooth zooms and pans. During other times, the camera is handheld for a more dynamic shot.

- All video is shot using natural light with the videographer making immediate adjustments for lighting changes (by clouds, setting sun, etc.) versus just a camera running.

FYI: You may still see the shadows coming in and out as the sun is covered by clouds but, it will be far less pronounced versus having a camera run automatically.

FYI: At some locations like Waialae/Kahala where we have you standing in the shade under the coconut trees and for events late in the day the sky will be brighter than the camera can handle, to properly expose for the couple, the backgrounds may be "blown-out" and the sky very light blue or white. It is what it is.

- The natural sounds of being at the beach, the wind and waves, can be loud so, we use remote lapel microphones for the officiate and the groom. This allows for better voice and overall sound quality. With that said, the sound of the waves and possibly wind are still picked up to varying degrees depending upon the conditions. But hey, you're on the beach :) Waimanalo will have the loudest wave sound.

- License and/or certificate signing, cake, toast, limo, etc. are all shot handheld as are any dynamic scenics and romantic shots.

- All video movies are edited to the version included in your package (if included) or for the video service you purchase in addition to your package. You can order more than one version i.e. Highlight and Full.

- We use copyright purchased music only for our video movies. No other music can be placed on our video movies or any music you may provide.

FYI: The penalty of using a copyright song starts at $10,000 for each infraction and videographers in Hawaii have been prosecuted. If you want to do your own editing of the RAW footage, see our order form.

- Editing normally takes between 4 to 6 weeks and sometimes up to 8 weeks or longer depending upon the time of year (when our videographers are super busy). If you need it sooner, you may order our RUSH service

- The video is presented on a Blu Ray disk. You may also substitute the Blu Ray disk for a .mp4 file transferred by direct download or a standard DVD disk. Mailing of disks is additional.

FYI: The Blu Ray disk will provide the highest quality video presentation, sharpness, and color saturation. It can only be played on a Blu Ray player. It may be played on a computer that supports Blu Ray and with a dedicated Blu Ray player app. Postage of the disk is additional.

FYI: As you may know, the standard DVD disk is the most universal presentation. Pretty much everyone nowadays has a DVD player and most if not all computers have a DVD disk drive and player app. The files themselves are easily adaptable if you know what you are doing. Given the quality of our videographers cameras and computer system, the quality is very high. Postage of the disk is additional.

FYI: The .mp4 file is a typical 1080p file. It is rendered at the highest quality and size for this file. Quality is quite good for the file type but, obviously, given it's size and as a compressed file, it cannot be as high as the DVD or Blu Ray disk. It's great for people who would rather have a computer file to easily view on their computer or other compatible devices.

FYI: We may have other options available and combinations of products on our Prices & Planning Order Form.

That's pretty much how it works.

Client Comments

"Please convey our thanks to the videographer. We really enjoyed the video. I missed a lot of the ceremony as it passed so fast. With the video, we have been able to enjoy it at our leisure with our family. He did a great job editing, it feels like we were back on the islands. Thanks, Alison".

"Thank you very much, this is perfect. We had a great day and couldn't have been any happier with the way things were done. We are very happy we chose to use your company and would thoroughly recommend you in the future, we would be happy to write a testimonial should you want one. We were wondering if there were any way possible to get a copy of the words that were said by the minister as there were lots of interesting bits that are not used in an English wedding and there was too much going on to take it all in and remember it at the time."

"That was a great ceremony, we wish we had video to record it, can we get a copy of the words?"

FYI: We don't have ceremonies written down and they are not "canned" ceremonies. Ceremonies are specific and personalized to each wedding.

FYI: If it is cloudy and the ocean and sky are muted or bright white or you are under the shade of trees and not in direct sunlight, the sky and background of your video will have very little or no color at all (i.e. white). We don't see this as a problem simply because of the intent of having video is to focus upon the sights and sounds of your ceremony and important subject and events (i.e. you) and not the background. And having some cloudiness and even a slightly overcast sky is actually great for photos and video. With that said, if you desire otherwise, pick one of our sunny beach locations and hope for clear sunny sky :) Basically all locations are sunny except Waialae/Kahala where we prefer to place you under the trees. For a sunset ceremony, use Magic Island, Duke Kahanomoku or Ft. DeRussy (FYI: Like photography, we do not shoot into the sun for the ceremony.