Waimanalo Bay Recreation Area
Waimanalo Bay Beach Park
aka Sherwood Forest

First, as a disclaimer, we don't use and never have used this area. It's just not that good for weddings in our opinion and there are far better locations in Waimanalo.

Waimanalo Bay Beach Park has become a popular spot for wedding companies if for the only reason that it's an easy place for them to "camp out" (with the campers) and do weddings all day long. No traveling around from one spot to another to suit the clients needs, just convince couples of what a great spot it is and roll them through :) FYI: It's also the #1 beach in America for 2015 by "Dr. Beach" but, that doesn't make it a great beach for weddings, just tourists. LOL

There's no way we would recommend this as a location for our clients. Besides the illegal wedding set-ups, they have tour buses of all sizes, bringing people to the beach, so much so, that the local beach users and the neighborhood complained to the City Council about it and they considered a complete ban of all activities including weddings (and because of these wedding companies). With that said, know that, even if there were nobody there, we still wouldn't use it simply because the scenery is "boring" and we have better spots.

Yeah we know, if you read what other tourists say about the beach on "Yelp", it sounds pretty good, and it probably is if you're a tourist but, believe us, there are far better spots along this 4 mile stretch for weddings.

See some photos and our thoughts below. This is Waimanalo Bay Recreation Area or what some call Waimanalo Bay Beach Park (not to be confused with Waimanalo Beach Park) or commonly "Sherwood Forest".


FYI: When faced with a total ban of weddings along Waimanalo Beach and this park in particular by the City Council because of complaints by the public, this company has said they would no longer do set-ups illegally on the beach since these photos were taken earlier in 2016. We don't know if they have actually stopped or have resumed, we don't go there. The money just may be too good. By the way, they tell you they have a permit but, that's for the park! The beach (below) is still illegal.

This is a photo just off the parking lot. Many wedding companies and the best "Wedding In Hawaii" use the corner of the park for their weddings (see center of photo in the distance) just beyond the trees. Hey, you'll notice one good thing, a rest room("Yelp" reviewers say they are "nasty" LOL). Finally, see that area in the trees? That's the public camp ground! No tents on this weekday but, packed on the weekends! Woohoo... perfect for your wedding :)

A shot from in the trees on the edge of the camp ground. See how far the tree line is from the water? Set-ups are only allowed in the tree line.

Hey look, they're setting up chairs and a arch for a wedding ceremony! That's about 80 yards of beach from the water. Too far.

FYI: That foreground open area is filled with tents on the weekend and holidays (and sometimes you'll see a few during the weekdays). FYI: Shooting photos straight out towards a blank horizon is just boring to us.

Dang that looks so hot! It is. Nothing like sitting in the hot sun during a ceremony. Bring umbrellas.

Is that a homeless encampment right there? Yes, it is. Technically, this is an illegal set-up, it's not in the tree line.

That's a Japanese couple taking photos on the beach. They arrive all day long in limos just to take photos on Waimanalo Beach as part of their wedding package booked in Japan.

What's important to notice is that those guys are setting up the arch, are way back from the water, leaving pretty much the whole beach available for beach go'ers to be in the background of your photos and yes, even Japanese wedding couples LOL. Did we mention the Frisbee football and volleyball tournaments they have nearby on weekends?

That's just a family with a tent nearby because it's hot sitting in the sun.

The opposite view showing the main part of the beach park. Those mountains are beautiful aren't they? What we want you to notice is the extra wide beach that's just a straight shoreline (similar to many North Shore beaches) with no sweep or curve (boring).

We do admit, it's not that busy this day but most times, it is and the beach and ocean gets filled with people and are unavoidable in your photos.

We've said what we think.
See our Waimanalo beach spot and you decide!