About "How To" and "Best & Worst" Articles

There are hundreds of national and a few Hawaii wedding websites with "How To" pieces which give you hints on "choosing, selecting, planning, etc". Some websites even have their own "Best & Worst" list while others just have scary "Watch Out For..." lists.

We suggest that when you read these artcles, simply don't believe everything you read as gospel truth!

We've actually written many "How To" and "Tips" articles for magazines and have been published in many different Hawaii bridal publications and then later, on big national websites, so we know a little about what we're talking about here.

The fact is, while there are obvious suggestions and "tips", a lot of what's written is just one person's opinion. Some only promote the way they do business, some write what they have been told by others, and some just copy it from somewhere else and call it their own. Sorry, much of the information passed along is just not correct.

You don't know how many articles we've read which make proclamations which are just wrong! In fact, we professionals get new clients all asking us the same questions that, there must be a new "How To" or "What To Look For or Avoid" article.

The worst offenders are the "How To" articles. The ones which tell you how to select one vendor versus another, what to look for, what to avoid, etc. Many of the "How To's", "The Best And Worst Of", Best Times", etc. are just affirmations of the way they do business and they're just pushing their own service. It really becomes, "how to pick me" and avoid everyone else because they are "bad".

The best thing you can do is educate yourself with a variety of sources and don't accept anything as absolute. If you are hiring individual vendors, we suggest you listen to what they say because more time than not, that's what you'll get, irrespective of any list you may be following. If you are using a wedding service provider such as ours, listen to what we have to say and weigh it against others. If you don't like or believe what you hear, check elsewhere.