About Our Photo Galleries

Our photo galleries give you the opportunity to see a lot of weddings and a lot of photos. Some of the galleries show only a selected amount of photos only because, it can sometimes get overwhelming looking at them. With that said, we've started to show all the photos for a wedding using the same galleries we give our clients. Why? It's just so much easier to use the galleries we've already made for our clients versus making entire new ones. You'll be able to tell which are edited and which are not just by looking at the progression and number of shots.

Most galleries start with photos of the ceremony, followed by portraits, family, and then the beach scenics depending upon the package photography coverage. This is our normal coverage progression.

When you open the gallery, let it load, it's pretty fast. Pull the corners of the page to enlarge the window to the size you like. Click on thumbnails to see individual images in the preview box.

Use the control arrows under each image to move through images at your own pace. You can jump to the section of photos you want to see (like the portraits or scenics) by simply using the scroll bar on the bottom or fast-clicking using the arrow with the bar. If you fast-click the bar arrow, it's kind of like a stop-motion movie and pretty neat. :) FYI: Don't use the slide-show function, it's too slow.

You could look at all these weddings or you could just look for someone who looks similar. What you see here is what you're photos will look like!

If poses look the same, it's because they are! :) We don't reinvent the wheel for each wedding. We know what works, we know what looks good, we know what makes for a good coverage, and we know what people want and expect from their wedding photos on the beach.

We often shoot more than a few shots of the same pose while making little camera, lighting, angle changes, and always looking for a good expression. Why shoot just one and hope it comes out, might as well shoot a few right? This gives you the most to select from and only the best shots. You don't like a show, simply don't select it. :)

The important things to recognize in our photos is our consistency from wedding to wedding at different times of day and varying and changing weather conditions, the great (joyful and happy) expressions of our people, nice skin tones, sparkle in the eyes, the saturated and pastel colors depending on the weather, superb lighting, posing, shot sequences, and the variety. Don't they all look the same? That's what you'll get! Good photos no matter what.