DVD and USB Stick Details


All media products are delivered by electronic download and will be available for 30 days, using our web-based Internet transfer service.

We have clients from all over the world downloading our products successfully. We suggest making every effort to download your media product.

No matter how you receive your files, we suggest that, you archive your media files. We are not an archive service and eventually, they will be deleted.

If you are unable to download the photos or video (very rarely happens, if ever), you can order additionally, a DVD disk or USB stick with the files on the disk. Cost and postage are additional.

USB Stick:

This is probably the easiest for most people given that many computers no longer have built-in optical drives but they all have a USB port.

Everything is pretty much the same as the DVD disk (below) regarding files and uses except, we can fit everything on a single "stick".

DVD disk:

The DVD disks we make are meant for computer use only and are formatted to work on both Mac and PC operating systems (only) and hold a little less than 4 GB of data. They may work on Unix or other systems but, we do no guaranty this nor is the product made for those systems.

Individual photo files from ceremony coverages will fit on a single DVD disk. Currently, it's averaging about 2 GB of Full Size JPEG photo files.

Individual video products will fit on a single DVD disk without a problem. Two version video products may need to be burned onto individual disks.

You'll use the DVD disk to import the files to your Mac or PC computer. These files stored on your computer will allow you to create additional media products (slide-shows, DVD movie disks, etc.) using your own selected software for sharing and personal use.

Do not stick it in a TV /DVD player and expect that it'll play like a regular DVD movie disk.

The problem is, it's impossible for us to account for the variety and changing capabilities of machines, new, old, from a multitude of makers, Nintendo's, Play-Station's, etc., and when we have tried, we've had to reduce the quality so much that it was in our opinion, a less than desirable product.

With that said, we do our best to make what we have experienced to be the most universal format across systems world-wide. It may play perfectly. We're just saying that this is not the kind of DVD product we are selling and do not expect it to operate in this manner.

Notice :If on DVD, we suggest that, you archive your media files onto a computer. DVD's fail and we do not make any warranty for the DVD media itself nor do we archive files indefinitely.