About Our Top Photographer


Simply, if you want your photos to look just like they do on our website, select our Top Photographer. All the photos are his and yours will look the same. It's as simple as that.

This is the thing about photography. It's highly technical but, it's still an art. And as a artistic endeavor, all photographers see the world differently. simply, it's impossible to have two different photographers shoot the same. Believe us, we've tried LOL.

Yes, our photographers are professionals, that's why we use them but, with that said, some photographers excel to a higher level. The only way we can virtually guaranty the quality of your photography is, if you use our Top Photographer.

Receiving this designation from the Professional Photographers of America requires a proficient and practical knowledge of the technical and aesthetic aspects of photography determined through written testing as well as photographic samples of photographic work submitted for judging.

It recognizes a photographer's understanding of a practical knowledge base and reflects the desire and commitment of that person to excel in the craft of photography as practiced on a professional level.

There are many websites (maybe all do now LOL) who call their photographers "Certified". That's a lot of bull. In Hawaii, there are only a handful of photographers who have been awarded this designation.

Our CPP has been a established top wedding photographer in Hawaii for over 30 years (Hasselblad film days for you old folks :) and was a long time studio owner. He has been a mentor to many, has had more photographs published in local wedding publications than any other photographer, has won local and national awards, and has performed thousands of weddings with the majority of them being large local weddings at the best hotels and on every island. Now he does destination weddings exclusively for us.