About Wedding Websites


What We Are

We are a small vendor operated, ceremony services website run by actual ceremony "on-site" vendors and their service cost is included in the package. The small amount we do have to add to prices is used solely to support the cost of our website, advertising, and business operation.

Simply, we don't have to use any part of what you pay in your package price to also pay an additional person i.e. planner, coordinator, manager, wife. husband, family member, office person, or any other "middle" person.

We can keep our prices low without sacrificing quality. It allows us to apply the majority what you pay to hire our top professionals.

Also, when you email or talk to our lead vendors, you're talking to the actual people who perform our on-site wedding services. That just means we know what we're talking about and we know how things happen

That's why we can say that, "you simply will not find better prices, service, or top professionals"!

FYI: A lot of "tourist" wedding websites operate under the idea that, "good enough is good enough". And why not! They'll never see you again and truthfully, for many people, good enough is good enough, more is better, and cheap is best. We're looking for clients who think otherwise and how we think.

Index or Advertiser Websites

Great if you know what you want and are just looking for specific individual service vendors. Not so good if you don't want all the work and don't mind paying individual vendor prices. Not so good at all for small beach weddings where you have wealth of choices available.

Hotel Wedding Website Packages

Hotel wedding packages like to make money on all their vendors and they like to make as much as possible.

To accomplish this, many big hotels and especially the luxury resorts, require that you use their "approved" list of vendors.

Small boutique hotels don't usually offer wedding services though, concierge personal might recommend their favorite "friend" haha.

"If they give you a "preferred vendor list, they're usually taking a pretty big "cut" from the vendors listed prices (up to 50%). You're not paying for some high-end vendor, you're paying for the person who will "kickback" to the hotel. Hey, this is how a lot of industries work, either stated or not, over or under the table LOL.

One hotel requires you to use their vendors or they charge you $1000 per outside professional. They want to get their money no matter what.

Minister Websites

Pretty good if you're just looking for a minister and a $95 beach wedding ceremony and nothing else. Also good if you're wanting to meet, talk, consult, and plan with a minister several times for a larger traditional wedding.

Prices will vary depending upon the amount of services you want and depending upon how highly the person feels about themselves LOL.

Most minister's don't want the extra work and liability of offering additional services. Those who do, almost always use the cheapest people just to have the extra offering. Some ministers will actually do the photos and music themselves, which you probably want to avoid LOL.

Pretty good if all you want is a minister. Not so good if you also want top quality vendor service in addition to the minister services (in our experience).

Wedding Planner/Coordinator Websites

These website services are normally used for large events and also those requiring reception planning.

You pay either a flat fee, a fee based upon the percentage of money spent, or a combination of both. Many will also take as much as a 20% kickback from the vendors on their "preferred" vendor list. It is what is is, no sense in complaining.

With that said, this services might be good if you can't or aren't interested in doing it yourself, are having an event with detailed needs, want to hire and communicate directly with vendors, and are having a reception. Planners can also be helpful in avoiding costly mistake.

FYI: We have a planner we've used for people who need this service.

Combination websites

Many websites are the family operated. Commonly a husband/wife team or parent with adult children who may or not not perform any actual professional ceremony services. It's perfect fine if they all are performing actual ceremony site services. We're not saying this is a bad thing, we're just saying that when more family has to get paid who aren't actually performing ceremony site services, it leaves less for hiring good professionals or you're paying too much..