About Hotel, Travel Planning, and Activities


We specialize in wedding ceremony services only. We do not do travel planning, hotel reservations, or activity planning simply because, it's far better for our clients to go directly to the websites which actually specialize in providing these services, especially for the most current deals and offers.

As for activities, you could pre-book activities using a website, but we think it's probably best to do this when you arrive, either through the activities desk at your hotel or the many kiosks throughout Waikiki.

If this is your first time to Hawaii, we suggest you come to Oahu. Read more here.

There's no Hawaii wedding website that can offer more current information on airfare or hotel packages than a qualified travel agent or a large travel website which specializes in travel packages like Travelocity, Orbitz, Hawaiian Airlines, etc. You can also book directly with Aston Waikiki Hotel, see below.

For hotel and beach house rental properties. http://www.ahawaiiwedding.com/hawaii_wedding_links_hotels_rentals.html

For airfare and hotel packages, we suggest a qualified travel agent with whom you can deal with personally or a large travel website like Travelocity, Orbitz, Hawaiian Airlines, or other sites specifically designed for this purpose. http://www.ahawaiiwedding.com/hawaii_wedding_links_travel_planning.html

For activity planning other than your reception, we suggest that you come to Hawaii first. There's so much available to do. If you want to set-up an activity to include all of your guests and you know what you want to do, by all means, do a Google search or check our links pages for website where you can book directly. http://www.ahawaiiwedding.com/hawaii_wedding_links_directories_information.html