Not Seeing Each Other


If you wish not to see each other before the ceremony, this must be listed and scheduled on your contract.

As simple as it sounds, it's a different and more complicated procedure than just having the couple arrive together.

FYI: If you're wanting to "walk-in" like in a church, order a processional additionally. Think about adding a musician to serenade your processional too :)

FYI: A processional includes photo coverage. Not seeing each other does not.

Cost is dependent upon the specifics of your event. Additionally, all vendors must arrive earlier than normal and cannot have or book or have a job the hour before.

Our normal meet time and start of coverage for a couple arriving together is 15 minutes before the ceremony.

For this situation, we schedule the arrival of the bride the same 15 minutes before the ceremony start unless, it's a large group, bridal party, processional, kids, etc..

The groom (and guests) will arrive at least 15 minutes before the bride or 30 minutes before the ceremony start.

Our lead vendor, the photographer will meet the groom and guests (if any). They'll be given instructions and sent out to the general area of the ceremony. The minister will meet the bride bring her out.

We'll set up for a processional (if ordered), get everyone in place, and commence.

After the bride has "walked-in" (if ordered), we're going to stop the proceedings, position the couple and guests again, give instruction to both together, and restart the ceremony.