Ceremony Processional


The processional if the part of the ceremony when the bride would traditionally walk up the church aisle in the arm of a parent, sister, aunty, uncle child, relative, or friend, with the groom waiting with the minister at the alter.

Because most times it's just the couple or just a small number of guests, it's an open area where there is no "aisle", and usually it's not the best view and impossible to keep others out of the background, we actually prefer to have our couples set-up and in-place for the start of the ceremony.

With that said, you can choose to have a processional on your own or with others, if even just for the photos.

We'll give you instruction on what to do, set you up for the processional 15-30 yards away depending upon the number of people participating, take a couple of photos, and signal to start "the walk" just like a church wedding.

You arrive to the ceremony spot, "hand-off" to the groom, and then we'll stop, give you further instruction both of you need to hear together, and then start the ceremony.

FYI: You might consider ordering our Ukulele musician and/or our scattered flower petals which we can use to mark a path.

If you're having multiple people in your processional and/or more than just a handful of guests. It'll be necessary to have our vendors arrive earlier than our normal 15 minutes before the ceremon. This will be additional.

IMPORTANT: Just because you're having a processional does not mean that you do not what to see each other. You must request this and it must be listed on your contract.