Ceremony Times


The best way to decide upon a ceremony location and time is to either:

1). Pick a location you like, see what we say about it, and then choose a time that we suggest works best for the location.


2). Start with a specific time and then, pick the location that we suggest works best for that time.

Different locations are better than others at certain times of the day and some locations just don't work at all.

We recommend times for locations based upon parameters like, photos and lighting, likelihood of privacy, parking availability, travel and traffic during certain hours, etc.. With that said, we also may give priority to one over others. For example, if you want sunset, there's only a few choices irrespective of everything else.

If you see that we charge extra for certain times, it's because the job becomes more difficult than it needs be at those times for all involved.

If you see that we do not charge extra (not including the per vendor travel fee), it's because those are the times we consider optimum for all the parameters we consider.

If you see that a particular location does not have a selection for a specific time in the pull-down menu of our Order Form, it's because we just don't go there during those times for a variety of good reasons.