Ceremony Times


Choose a location based upon the "look" you want by looking at the photos. Remember, you're on vacation, you can have your ceremony at the best time and location!

We make choosing the right day and best time easy for you by simply telling you what's good and at what time. And really, how could you possibly know what's best? LOL.

We suggest Monday to Friday mornings or afternoons from 4 pm up to sunset as best and depending upon the location.

We do not recommend weekends or holidays but, if you must, we do ceremonies before 10 am and after 4 pm. to sunset only, and at specific locations.


If you're wondering why we're specific and don't even do ceremonies on some days and times, it's because, it's our job and we hope that's why couples choose to use us.

We plan the best we can to give our clients the most enjoyable and memorable ceremonies and we start by suggesting what we've found to be the best times and days, given the location.

We don't want you to have to experience or our vendors have to perform in less than ideal conditions if we can avoid it.

Sure, if we had a Waikiki office rent to pay, multiple "crews" doing ceremonies (often at the same time right next to each other), and a whole bunch of salaried staff to feed like many of the websites you see at the top of Google, we'd have to tell people what they want to hear and agree to any job that pays but, we don't.

Simply, if you're at the right place at the right time, the odds that your event will be less hot, with less traffic, more parking, and less people hanging around everywhere, the more successful and enjoyable your ceremony will be!

Finally, yes, we do charge more for some locations and times but, it's not because, they are more desirable. We do it because, we prefer to do ceremonies at the times we advise and we hope you take our advice but, if not, be assured we'll always do our best for the extra compensation.