Ceremony Times


Many couples initially think, "I want my ceremony on this day and at this time". That can work for a church ceremony but, not so much for a public beach.

We make it easy for you! We're not one of those "any time at any beach, as long as you're paying" websites. You're going to see on our website that, we have specific times available for specific beaches and for some, no times at all.

Why? If you're at the right beach at the right time, the odds your event will be more enjoyable, less stressful, and more successful, will be greater.

Specifically, when the lighting is the best for photos, when there's less people around and it's more private, when it's not so hot, when there's easy parking, and when travel and traffic are predictable, it not only makes our job easier, it directly affects your happiness! Does anyone actually wish to have any other way?

We list the best times for a ceremony at each location and for
other times which still work but, aren't as ideal, we charge more. And you'll notice that we won't even go to some beaches at certain times. Why would we say "no"? It's because, we have your best interest in mind, not just getting your money! LOL.