Download for Photos

We use a download service "WeTransfer" to allow our clients to easily download their photos to a computer or other compatible device.

This is the easiest and fastest way to receive your photos. we are thankful to have this reliable service.

It will also allow your family and friends to download your photos directly if you share the link OR you can use "WeTransfer" and share only selected photos for free if the folder is under 2GB. No more mailing photos to family :)

FYI: You can still order a DVD from us for $15 and have us mail it but, it'll cost $10 U.S. and $40 international postage and you'll wait anywhere from 3-5 days for U.S. and 2-6 weeks depending upon your countries postal service delivery time. Plus, DVD's are not archival, they get old and quit working. Up to you.

After you've made your photos selections, we'll send your "Final Service Invoice. Make your payment and we'll upload your files to "WeTransfer". We usually do this within 2-3 days.

You'll receive the email from "WeTransfer" with instructions. Watch for it! Make sure you check you "Junkmail" folder!

Your files will be available for download for (14) days and then automatically deleted. After this period, additional charges will apply. If you know you cannot do the download within this time, let us know ASAP.


Follow the directions on the "WeTransfer" email.

A .zip folder file will download to the location you have designated, usually your "Downloads" folder. It will contain your photos and a copyright usage release.

Click on the folder to un-zip it. All up-to-date computer operating systems should do this automatically.

We suggest a normal archiving protocol for your photo files either by saving to a back-up file/drive/computer or burning to a DVD disk. While we do save files for a short time, we do not archive photos and are not a storage facility..