Download for Photo Products

We use a download service "WeTransfer" to allow our clients to easily download their event photos and video directly to a computer or other compatible device.

This saves you in postage expense but, you'll get your products much sooner than by traditional mail. It will also allow your family and friends to download your photos directly if you share the link OR you can use "WeTransfer" on your own and share only selected image files. No more mailing family prints! Yay!

If you have not purchased (ALL) the photo files with your package either before or after your event, you'll need to select the number of photos included in your package. The email with the WebPhotoGallery link has detailed instructions on how to do this.

After you email us your selections we'll send you your Final Service Invoice. The Final Service Invoice includes your credit card transaction fees as described on our website payment page and any additional upgrades or service and product purchases.

After you make payment, we'll upload your files to "WeTransfer". We usually do this with 2-3 days after receiving your selections.

You'll receive the email notification from "WeTransfer" with instructions. Keep your eyes open for it! Make sure you check you "Junkmail" folder!

Your files will be available for download for (14) days and automatically deleted. Re-posting requires an additional fee. You must perform your download within this period without incurring additional charges.

If you prefer for us to make a DVD disk and want us to mail it to you, you can choose to do so. The DVD and postage cost is additional.

FYI: Video coverage includes a DVD disk of the video. This will be mailed to you. If we have not included it in your contract, or our Final Service Invoice, we'll email you a Mailing Invoice for the postage .


Follow the directions on the "WeTransfer" email.

After download, you’ll see a compressed .zip folder which contains your selected photos and a copyright release in whatever location you direct downloads to be stored. Most people will have their computer send downloads either to their "Desktop" or their "Downloads" folder.

Click on the folder to un-zip it and to access your images. All up-to-date computer operating systems should do this automatically.

If you are unfamiliar with .zip folders, we can upload your files again as individual image files. All files will be downloaded individually to any new folder you create and/or designate. Do not download directly to your "Desktop", it’ll be a mess of files! LOL

We suggest a normal archiving protocol for your files either by saving to a back-up file/drive/computer or burning to a DVD disk. While we do save files for a short time, we do not archive photo files.