About FREE Stuff


All that "free" stuff (and discounts if you buy a larger package) we're seeing on websites nowadays is just a lot of fluff and hype to us.

Yeah, we give some free stuff (simply because we don't want to charge for it), stuff we actually like to use for the ceremony and photos, it's good stuff but, don't let it be the reason why you book us.

This is the free stuff we see on other website;

  • Cake: They give you a cake the cake makers tell us they make special and don't sell to regular customers because it's so small. The thing is, you're handed the cake in the box and told to take it with you! No cutting ceremony, no photos. FYI: We offer cake and photos on the beach.

  • Champagne: It's the cheapest, $4.00 a bottle by the case we've been told. Some give the small two-glass bottle. You're suppose to drink it in the limo. Alcohol is illegal on the beach. FYI: We use sparkling apple cider and it includes a toast and photo coverage (on the beach).

  • Keepsake Shell Lei: It's $0.75 cents in the store. FYI: Our free Kukui Nut lei is at least $6.00+ LOL.

  • Sand Ceremony: Websites just scoop plain sand off the beach and pour it into a small pull-string party favor pouches. FYI: We suggest finding something really nice on the Internet you can display in your home. Photo coverage is included, for free.

  • Extra 1 hour Photography Time: Really? Can't do it any faster? It can get hot on the beach and it gets kind of boring after a while. Read about our photo coverage.