How It Works

Important: Select the appropriate vehicle for the number of passengers. State PUC regulations and insurance requires that passengers cannot exceed the licensed passenger capacity. That means that, if it's a warm body, it's a passenger. Extra passengers will not not be allowed, absolutely no exceptions. Example: If you get a 8 passenger limo, you cannot have 9 passengers i.e. 8 adults and 1 baby.

FYI: Baby seats and seats for children up to age 8 are not required for taxi's and limousines. Child seats are not provided or offered for any of our vehicles.

FYI: We suggest that you not "pack-in" to the maximum passenger rating if possible (except vans, coaches, and buses which have individual seats), but that's up to you.


Limousine time starts from the scheduled pick-up at your Waikiki hotel. The minimum time is two hours. For pick-up locations outside of Waikiki, "barn time" is additional. See below.

Please be waiting and ready to board 5 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.

Be on the lookout for your ordered transportation (limo or other).

If there is no main lobby pick-up area and your hotel fronts the street, be outside on the street. The drivers cannot leave the vehicle!

Transportation service is "point-to-point". We pick you up and take you to the ceremony location and following the ceremony, will return you to the pick-up location or pre-designated drop-off. This is not a 2 hour sight-seeing tour of driving around the island.

FYI: There are no intermediate stops, detours, sight-seeing stops, beer runs LOL, etc. between the pick-up and drop-off points in either direction (remember, "point-to-point").

The vehicle remains on "standby" during the ceremony, either at the site (if allowed) or nearby where allowed. You can leave your belongings and gear in the car.

FYI: Unlike a taxi service, they do not leave to do other jobs and then when you call them for pick-up, they say they'll be back in 45 minutes. Besides the travel, you're also paying for the "standby" so you can leave when you are ready too.

FYI: If you're thinking of a taxi, that's OK with us, just don't be late. A regular taxi to Waimanalo is about $68.00 one way from Waikiki (May 2016). Waialae-Kahala is $12 to $15 and up to $20. We've also had clients take an Uber, $6 to Waialae-Kahala and about 30% of the cost of a taxi to Waimanalo which was awesome.

FYI: None of our other vendors (minister, photographer, musician, etc.) are licensed nor insured to give you a ride anywhere and are prohibited from taking client riders. If there were an accident, you may not sue them or us but, your family may!

We do our best to schedule the appropriate coverage time keeping it tight but, must also allow at the minimum, a 15 minute buffer for traffic, the locations (pick-up, drop-off, ceremony site), the time of day, the route, etc.. If there is extra time, we scheduled it correctly, early is good, late is bad! No, you do not get to cruise around or take a tour after the ceremony to use up any "left-over" time (remember, "point-to-point").

IMPORTANT: You can bring your own non-alcoholic drinks like water or juice, etc.. You many not bring your own alcoholic drinks on the limo or other AHW transportation i.e. Champagne, beer, wine, spirits, etc.). Also remember, alcohol is illegal on the beach. FYI: One of our vendors offers Champagne for the ride back, see our order form.

Approximate Transportation Time

These are the approximate time we scheduled for a basic package ceremony package with pick-up in Honolulu/Waikiki.

More time may be required for extra ceremony services or Photo Tours.

Early morning and after 3 pm should expect peak traffic and more time required.

Honolulu/Waikiki: 2 hrs.

East Honolulu: 2.5 hrs.

Windward: 2.5 - 3.0 hrs.

West Oahu: Up to 3.5 - 5.0 hrs.

North Shore: up to 4 - 6 hrs.

FYI: Unlike most transportation companies. Our limousine vendors allow us to book 1/2 hour increments though, specialty vehicles may require 1 hour increments.

"Barn Time" for Pick-Up
Outside of Honolulu/Waikiki

If your pick-up is outside of Waikiki, transportation companies require what's called "barn time".

Waikiki is home base or the "barn". All transportation coverage starts from here.

If your pick-up location is outside of Honolulu/Waikiki, the time it takes for the vehicle to get there for pick-up and then to return to the "barn" after dropping you off, is calculated into the coverage time.

Simply, the meter starts when the vehicle leaves Waikiki and it ends when it gets back.