"Barn Time"

If your pick-up or drop-off locations is outside of Waikiki, transportation companies require us to charge extra for what's called "barn time".

Waikiki is considered home base or the "barn" for transportation companies. All transportations calculation starts from Waikiki whether you are staying in Waikiki or not.

If your pick-up location is outside of Waikiki, the time it takes for the vehicle to get there from Waikiki for pick-up and then to return to Waikiki (the "barn") after dropping you off, is calculated into the total coverage time.

Simply, the meter starts when the vehicle leaves Waikiki and it ends when it gets back.

FYI: You may see in your contract schedule that we may provide for less "barn time" to get to you and back from Waikiki then the travel time we schedule between locations when you are in the vehicle. First, we want you to pay as little as we can make it. Second, drivers have to drive the speed limit or less when carrying passengers. We don't care if they speed to get there to pick you up or get back to "the barn" after they drop you off. :)