Secret Beach Ko Olina


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The photo below is an older satellite image of the JW Marriott Ihilani and is not correct. The new hotel there is the La Hiki Four Seasons Hotel.

They've re-landscaped the entire grass lawn area (inside the red lines) and it is now gated with a pool and deck. The hotel property is only open to hotel guests.

We only use "Secret Beach Ko Olina". This beach and "Paradise Cove Public Beach" are the only beaches in the Ko Olina area where a DNLR beach wedding permit available.

FYI: Ceremonies of any size are not allowed on any of the beach coves fronting the hotels.

FYI: State law requires access to the State property (rocky shoreline, beach, and ocean) but, we cannot guaranty that the access described below will be available.

NOTICE: We show the access points and describe a pathway but, this is not an endorsement for it's use, the safety of the path, or it's availability. All access points to the beach cove are uneven and rocky and is a safety concern it should not be considered as safe and especially for the mobility impaired, wheelchairs, walkers, strollers, carrying small children, etc..

Guest of the Four Seasons.

- There are gates in each corner of the property. Go through the east gate by the lagoon and walk around the hotel property or use the west gate which is shorter (but steep). Walk to the cove and we'll meet you there.

- Note: Outside the west gate is steep and is only for the sure-footed. The east lagoon side gate is uneven and rocky.

Not a guest of the Four Seasons.

- Walk on the sidewalk adjacent to the Kohola Lagoon, as far as you can go. At the end of the sidewalk is a security gate for hotel guests only.

- Ask and you will be directed by security to a path near the corner of the beach where you will see a sign and path leading to the coastline and around the Four Seasons property.

- Walk along the white coral path until, you get to the beach cove. We'll meet you there.

For all events.

- You need to be staying at one of the other hotels out there. Parking for our vendors is required and the cost be be added to your "Final Service Invoice".

- If you are staying at one of the Ko Olina area hotels, you do not need our limo transportation, just walk along the lagoons to the site.

- I
f your wedding is at sunset, don't be late. It starts getting dark as the sun gets low and once it sets, it’s night time. Ideally, your wedding should end 15-30 minutes before sunset to ensure adequate light when walking back over the rocky path.