Outside Non-AHW Vendors


We do not allow non-AHW vendors or performers for any "on-site" ceremony services. While we suggest using our AHW approved vendors for your "off-site" non-ceremony services, we do not require it.

Why only AHW professionals for the ceremony?

Our AHW approved vendors work as a team. That's pretty much it. Working as a team pretty much ensures overall success if only at the simplest level, by enabling our AHW professionals to perform at their highest level by just knowing what to expect from each other and when.

When we've allowed outside non-AHW vendors, part-timers, family, friends, etc., who not knowing or caring what the other vendors need to happen, it's always made what should have been a simple and straight forward event into a challenge i.e. we've had too many problems and we no longer allow it. And we never gave a discount, we charged at least $100 more for using a non-AHW person.

Additionally, as the DNLR permit holder, we are responsible and liable for all "on-site" vendors and performers at the ceremony site and we won't include unknown people just as a matter of prudent business practice, liability, and previous negative experiences.

The exception is that, If you have a family member who is a minister (not a friend), we can allow them to participate in part of the ceremony, under the direction of our minister who will conduct the majority and most important parts of the ceremony. This must be listed on the contract be within the time scheduled. Simply, we can't allow someone talking for 15 minutes (as has happened in the past). This may require additional vendor charges if so.

Finally, as stated earlier, we are only concerned with "on-site" ceremony services. If you want to get your own limo, hair & make-up, or other off-site services, you are welcomed to do so.


You are solely responsible and liable for non-AHW service providers you hire.

You must do all communication and coordination with your non-AHW vendors. We cannot communicate or coordinate with any non-AHW service providers you hire nor is this included in any of our packages or services you pay for.

AHW be not be liable for the performance or non-performance of AHW services caused by the actions of your non-AHW vendors or for any additional fees or penalties caused by their action or in-action.