About Our Packages


We can confidently say that, at any given time, we offer the highest quality vendors, services, products, and the most value driven packages.

Simply, for what we do, the quality of our services and products, the expertise of our vendors, and what you get, we have great prices.

All of our packages, from the smallest to the largest, the services and products required for a simple marriage or vow renewal ceremony, whether it's just for you two or including family and friends.

Our packages services and products are listed in each package. This is what you can expect and what you get. If you want details or want to learn how it works and how we do it, go to the website to read about those specific services.

Package prices are for Honolulu/Waikiki locations from Monday to Friday at the times that we suggest. Locations outside of Honolulu/Waikiki and days/times outside those parameters will cost additionally.

You'll notice that the basic package prices vary based upon the number of photos you receive in the package. Read about the details of our photography on our website.

Finally, understand that all prices are subject to change without notice and until, a reservation payment in accepted.

4.712% Hawaii excise tax is not included in the package price and is calculated and added to your draft contract totals.

PayPal credit card transaction fees are additional and collected after the ceremony and before delivery of photos with your Final Service Invoice.