About Our Package


Our $285 Hala package provides the basic services and products for a simple beach ceremony and provides every couple the opportunity to have the same high quality, top vendor services and products as "local" couples hiring our vendors individually at a much greater cost.

The Hala includes minister and photography services and basic products. Many couples are perfectly happy as it is but, we have just as many who want to add extra services and products to customize their package.

Multiple package schemes just get you to spend more and as the packages get bigger and you never really know if you're getting a good price. We also eliminate the confusion of trying to decipher the differences between packages.

By starting with a single starting package, our couples can choose only what they want and need, and they can see all the prices right there.

Considering the caliber and experience of our vendors, and the quality of our services and products, we have pretty good prices if they really can be compared.

Understand that while we believe we have the best, fairest, and most competitive prices you'll find anywhere, we don't want to be called "cheap"! Consequently, if you find a cost for a particular service or product to be just a little higher, the reason is we won't do "cheap". We're willing to pay for consistent performance and quality.

We have great prices
partly because, we don't have a administration or sales staff, the need for coordinators, or a office to pay rent in Waikiki. Not having to feed that "beast" to feed means that we don't have to have multiple "crews" doing jobs simultaneously (at the same beach) just to break even!

We're like a small boutique :) And we only need to pay the vendors who are providing direct service and products to you, minimal business expense, and our taxes :)