About Our Package


Our Hala package provides the basic services, products, and high quality vendor services you'll need for a successful and memorable wedding or vow renewal ceremony.

It includes a State of Hawaii licensed minister, professional photographer services, full photo coverage of the ceremony with portraits and scenics, Hi-Res photo files to make your own prints in any size with a copyright usage release, and a list of free extras to enhance your ceremony experience and memories.

Simply, you get what's listed in the package. If you don't see it, it's not included and can be added using the form.

Many couples are perfectly happy as it is but, we have many clients who want to add extra services and products to customize their package.

Choose only what you want and need. All prices are clearly visible and we have detailed descriptions using our links.

It's pretty clear that our prices are great and fair, and you're not going to get higher quality or better services by paying a higher price but, please don't think of us as being cheap. We are not a "cheapie" website trying to entice people with low prices.

Our prices are such because, we
don't have non-contributing partners, a sales staff, coordinators, or office rent in Waikiki to pay every month.

We only need to pay people who are providing direct service and products to you, allowing us to use the very best vendors, while still offering the best price.

Why our package?

- You can't beat the top vendor professional services and high quality we provide. That's pretty much it but, we list a few more below, lol.

- You will not get better by paying more and you're just fooling yourself if you pay less.

- All of our prices are clearly visible, transparent, and easily comparable to others.

- We charge what we need to charge. No more and no less.

- We use top Hawaii wedding professionals for all of our services. If they aren't available, we won't book your ceremony.

- We don't require you to get all of your services and products from us (except, where permit rules don't allow it). If you think you can do better in price and/or accept the extra work and coordination we would normally do, more power to you :)

- Because we are Internet based (like Amazon) and do not require a "brick and mortar" store/office, unnecessary "staff" and consequently, high operating costs,
we can charge the most reasonable prices. And we don't have to employ multiple "crews" of vendors with varying individual abilities just to pay office rent each month

- We include some free stuff only because it adds to our service and/or enhances your ceremony and experience the way we want it to be but, we're not trying to entice you with it.

Example: When you book the bigger and even bigger package, one website gives you free Champagne or a cake. What they don't tell you is, it's not part of your ceremony, there's no photo coverage, they give it to you to put in your car and take with you lol! Don't be enticed by a cheap bottle of Champagne or a small cake or anything that doesn't offer real value to your ceremony experience or memories.

- We only include services and products that add real value to your ceremony experience and wedding day and we charge for it.

- There's no confusion trying to decipher the differences between multiple packages where you never really know if you're getting a good price or a good deal for the extra services you may or may not need or want.