Reservation Payments


The payment schedule and amounts due are listed on your contract.

A reservation payment will reserve your date/time and "lock-in" your prices as per our contract terms.

You may combine payments if you prefer but, please use our totals and do not make up your own payment amounts. Incorrect amounts will be returned.

A credit card is required for your reservation payment and for all subsequent payments.

After you make your reservation payment, we'll email your final contract indicating your reservation payment.

We'll also reconfirm the availability of your date/time, vendors, services, contract totals, basically everything.

If everything is OK we'll accept your payment. If not, we'll fix it or return your payment in full.

Please make all subsequent payments as per your contract schedule.

Finally, we do not send receipts or make new contracts indicating every subsequent payment. Record/write your payments on your final contract. We also don't give receipts for payments made on wedding day... if we perform your wedding, that means you paid LOL.

IMPORTANT: Credit card transaction fees are not made part of your contract totals and are paid by you with your Final Service Invoice sent after the completion of service and before photos and other product are released. Read about transaction fees.