About Transaction Fees


All credit card transactions go through a "processor" service. They can be banks, financial service institutions, and in our case PayPal.

A "transaction fee" is subtracted from the total amount paid each time you use a credit card.

Wire transfers, cashiers checks, money orders, certified bank checks, all have fees and most charged it up-front so, you see it. You just don't see them when using a credit card.

Credit card transaction fees are not made part of your contract totals and are paid by you with your Final Service Invoice sent after the completion ofservice and before photos and other product are released.

Paypal transaction fees vary depending upon your credit card type (i.e. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, etc.), country of origin security rating, and bank.

Standard PayPal transaction fees are normally 2.9% to 3.9% + $0.30 of the payment amount. Depending upon the credit card, bank, and internations country specific fees can be as high as 7.9% or more for unsecured banks and cards as determined by PayPal.

This is the reason why we allow a cash payment on ceremony day before services begin. If we can save you some money, we will.

Actual fees are usually less than the standard rates because, we get a discount based upon our monthly volume, which we pass directly to you.

We cannot and do not include these fees in any or our prices of your contract totals.

Why? Simply because, we don't know the fee amount until, a payment is made and a fee is generated. It would be unfair to charge something other than what is due from each individual client.

We collect these fees with your "Final Service Invoice" which is emailed after the wedding. This invoice is primarily to collect credit card transaction fees but, it also used for additional purchases or fees generated on event day (i.e. late fees, adding extra services, more participants than contracted for, etc.).

FYI: We'll pay the transaction fees generated from your payment of the Final Service Invoice. This will zero your account, no more transaction fee payments from you will be due (or it could keep going on forever LOL).

FYI: If you want to avoid transaction fees and we have allowed it, pay in cash on wedding day! This payment is uusually the highest and will generate the highest fees. Don't complain later, we're telling you now.

FYI: If you have received your Final Service Invoice and you're wondering or thinking that you have paid these fees, the answer is "no", you have not.