Number of Participants


The number of participants will determine the appropriate beach location for any given day and ceremony time.

You want to have a pretty good idea and close approximate number people you expect for your ceremony before choosing a location.

With that said, pretty much all of our locations are good for up to 10 people.

It's when you get above 10 participants and the 15-20 and larger groups that some beach locations become difficult or just not usable.

The parameters we primarily look at when considering the number of participants are the size of the area where we can perform the ceremony, how busy it may be at any given time and day, and access and parking availability.

Simply, if is a small area, if the tide is high, if it's too busy for a group, if there's difficult to no parking, you'll have a problem.

While we can never guaranty anything for any public space, we can give advice based upon our many years of experience performing ceremonies at various locations.

Always err on the high side. If you end up with more participants than listed on your contract before the ceremony, just let us know and we can add it.

If you reserve your date and find that you will be having more people than originally listed on your contract, please let us know.

If you show up on ceremony day with more, we'll have to get a new permit (on the spot) and a $25 administration fee plus the permit fee will be charged to you on your Final Service Invoice.

permits have a (30) person maximum limit. If you have more, you will be solely responsible and legally liable for any and all actions against AHW in this regard.