Number of Participants


The number of participants is important. It will determine the appropriate day, location, and ceremony time. We cannot give specific advice without this or make a draft contract. This number includes everyone present, including the couple.

Please make a selection from both menus on our planning form. If you're not sure, give us an estimate.

e as accurate as possible and inform us of any changes before the event day. If you end up with more participants before the ceremony day, just let us know and we can add it to your contract.

If you arrive to the ceremony site with more guests without notifying us beforehand, we'll have to get another permit. This cost will be added to your Final Service Invoice.

For weddings with 5 or less people, all of our locations are available. When you get up to around 10-15-20 participants, some locations and times will not work. We'll let you know.

For 20+ people and you're pretty much looking at Magic Island or Waimanalo Beach at specific times and days.

TIP: If you're coming from the mainland USA and especially from another country
, it's been our experience that, the number or people invited or anticipated is rarely the amount that attend unless, they are all family. Given it's importance in determining what you can do and what you can't, we suggest that, you do your best to confirm this number in advance and before you plan your ceremony, even if it means waiting to reserve us.