DNLR Beach Wedding Permits


A DNLR Sttate permit is required for all beach weddings including beaches fronting hotels, private estates, or other venues.

Permit applications from wedding companies like ours, require a liability insurance certificate requiring $1 million in liability coverage.

A couple can apply for their own permit with a $500,000 insurance certificate. FYI: Up until a short time ago, individuals could not get a permit without using a paid service (like ours) and this also applied to ministers. That was just wrong!

The specific language for the certificate that State lawyers require are ridiculous and make it very hard for insurance companies to approve. Our insurance company said, "that's not how insurance works".

Permits are issued through the the State of Hawaii, Dept. of Land and Natural Resources .

A basic DNLR beach wedding permit for up to (5) or (10) participants as listed in each package is included for free in our packages. Additional participants may be added.

permits have a (30) person maximum limit. We can still do your ceremony but, you will be solely responsible and legally liable for any and all actions against AHW in this regard.

A permit for City & County of Honolulu parks is required additionally if in a park.

Finally, if you come to the ceremony with more guests than provided for in your package and on your contract, no worries. We'll just add the appropriate amount to another permit and charge you accordingly on your Final Service Invoice.