Package Photo Coverage


Our package photo coverage is perfect for most couples who only something simple.

We cover the entire ceremony, photograph the wedding couple in portrait full-length, close-up, scenic, and do a group shot of all participants. This takes about 15-20 minutes.

For a normal ceremony coverage, we shoot more than enough to give a good variety and selection of images to choose from. Usually, up to 80-100+ photos for selection and more depending upon the specifics of your event.

Each package specifies the number of Hi-Res JPEG photo files included with your package. You can get more photos after the event by simply upgrading to one of our larger packages.

Below, we've taken a few of our weddings to give a basic representation of what we do for a normal ceremony coverage. The actual kind of and amount of shots taken will depend upon the specifics of your ceremony.

FYI: Some of these weddings also include a "Photo Tour" and/or "Extended Session" or photos of other services and are not meant to represent a basic package coverage, just the quality of our work. We have also eliminated many of the blinks and duplicates in these examples.

Read more Photo FAQ's here.

Ceremony, Portrait, and Scenic Coverage

Ceremony with Extended Portrait Session