Extended Portrait Sessions


Our ceremony coverage and portrait session are perfect for most couples who want something simple, high quality, and reasonably priced.

Our standard packages include a portrait session following the ceremony, which provides for a wedding couple portrait full-length, a close-up, scenic, and a group shot of all participants (if any). We shoot multiple shots and with usually, at lest two variations. This takes about 10-15 minutes.

If you need more and/ something like you would find with a more costly traditional wedding photography coverage, you can add one or a combination of our "extended" sessions.

We pretty much leave it up to the photographer within these parameters:

- Each of our extended sessions will add another 10 minutes of time and up to 30-100+ photos depending upon the session(s) and number of people.

- The extended B&G or couple session
adds more variety of portraits and scenics, and adding romantic candids.

- The extended family session
adds breakdown shots with separate shots of both families, B&G with parents, and with immediate family including siblings and/or the couple's children (if any).

- The extended bridal party session adds breakdown shots with your bridal party as a group, girls and guys only, groom and bride with each groomsman or bridesmaid, and some fun shots.

Our photo coverage is centered on the wedding couple. If either is not in the photo, we don't shoot it. We do not do shots of individuals alone, parents alone, couples alone, other peoples kids alone, etc.. These are best done with your personal cameras.

FYI: If you have just a single shot request, you can ask the photographer. If it's any more than that, we require him to ask if you want to upgrade your package with an extended session or an additional,extended session.

SEE A SAMPLE HERE: This is a wedding with family on both sides, grandparents, and a large bridal party. We did about 65+ extra images and about 20 minutes extra on-site photography. Note: Every wedding and couple is different and we may or may not do all the shots you see on this sample.