Photo Tour


This wedding started a Waimanalo Beach followed by our Photo Tour to Makapuu Pt..
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Our simple Photo Tour allows couple to have more variety in scenes than being at just one location. The locations we use are as scenic as you can get in Hawaii and they are convenient to access.

We use Makapuu Pt. Lookout (above) simply because it is a great scenic view, unavailable from any other location. Our "Top Photographer" was the first wedding photographer to use this spot many years ago :) FYI: This spot cannot be used for ceremonies.

We use Waimanalo Beach for couples who want a pristine Hawaii beach scenic that is different from any of our other ceremony locations they may be having their ceremony at.

For a sunset view and light, we use Portlock Beach. This is only available in the late Fall to late Winter.

We use Magic Island which can be used all year round for sunset light and in the late Fall to late Winter for a sunset view (in the Spring/Summer the sunset is not visible).

This is a "couple only" photo session of scenic landscape poses, performed immediately before or after your ceremony. It usually takes about about 15-20 minutes.

When we go to Waimanalo Beach, Portlock Beach, or Magic Island, we are also able to do more portraits and romantic scenes besides scenics simply because, of the beach location. It's pretty much a extended photo coverage.

The cost covers the session fee and time only. We also include our top photographer at no charge and also for your ceremony. Extra photo files are not included in the cost, only what's inculded in your package. You will have more variety and photos to select from.

To get that bright blue water look, have your ceremony during the mornings to early afternoon (photo top of page).

As the day progresses towards the afternoon and the sunlight hits at a more oblique angle, the ocean gets darker (photos below) and to a dark blue/black late in the day.

The wedding below started with a Photo Tour to Makapuu Pt. and ended with a sunset ceremony at Portlock Beach.

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