Rain Insurance


We offer limited rain insurance for qualifying packages and services, and offered at our sole discretion.

Generally, it's available for the majority of our ceremonies but, not available for certain locations, times of day, very small ceremonies and complicated events.

This is basically what we can do:

Rain insurance is offered at the sole discretion of AHW and depends upon the specifics of your event. It must be purchased before and not less than (10) days before the event date.

Rain insurance allows a one-time Client request to reschedule the date or time and your "on-site" ceremony vendors for reasons of inclement weather. This includes the replacement of perishable items including lei, bouquet, cake, etc. It does not include "off-site" vendor services like hair & make-up and limousine.

Minimum fee is $100 or 18%-25% of the contract price or as offered by AHW.

The new date, time, and location will be rescheduled based upon the availability of your previously reserved vendors and may not correspond to your originally reserved location and time.

Any regular fees not previously required for the new date/time/location will apply including, weekend and holiday rates, travel fees, etc..

Off-site services (hair & make-up, transportation, etc.) which have started on ceremony day before cancellation will not be rescheduled and no monies returned.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to see your contract terms for the exact language for rain insurance. Terms for insurance not initially purchased on the contract may be superceded by new terms.