Delivery Times and RUSH Services


We always try to get product out as soon as we can. With that said, some months of the year can very be busy.

If you're in a hurry, a RUSH might be something to consider.

When you order a RUSH, our vendors pre-schedule the necessary production time to get it done. Your job goes to the front of our production schedule and before all other clients who have not ordered a RUSH.

: Our "listed" production time for individual photo processing and posting of the WebPhotoGallery is 3-7 days. Unless you're really in a hurry to select and download your photos, you don't need a RUSH.

Video: Normal video completion is usually 3-6 and sometimes longer. If you want your video sooner guaranteed, order a RUSH.

FYI: If you order a disk for either photos or video, domestic USPS Priority Mail is relatively fast from Hawaii, 3-5 days. International mail delivery depends upon your country's mail service. Countries like Canada, Brazil, and Norway can take 6 weeks or more. You can request USPS Express Mail which should be faster.