About Sand Ceremony


Unity Sand Ceremony, Sand mixing, sand blending, or whatever you choose to call it, is a variation of the Unity Candle lighting that has become popular over the years. For beach weddings, candles and flame just don't work so, it's done with sand.

Couples may choose to do this as a couple and it is very popular as a way to include children in weddings with blended family or vow renewals with children.

If you want to include this as part of your event. Our sand ceremony option provides for the sand pouring ceremony and photo coverage of it. We do it either during or after the ceremony.

You're going to purchase and bring your own implements and bring it with you to the ceremony. Decorative glass vases or display containers can be purchased in a variety of styles and a variety of sand colors on-line using one of the many wedding accessory websites.

FYI: We suggest not using regular beach sand. It's too granular and with small rocks, and often times clumpy, making it difficult to pour cleanly, and it just doesn't look as good as something nice, you chose on your own. We just think that it should be special that can be displayed. A sack of sand is anything but special. FYI: Some websites give you a small sack (for free) and you fill it with beach sand.