Sand Ceremony


The Sand Ceremony is the pouring of sand from two vessels, one for the bride and one for the groom to a single vessel at some point during the ceremony.

This is to represent the combining of two lives and/or the blending of two families. We do not charge for this inclusion and are happy to do it for you. Children may also participate.

Decorative sand-mixing sets are easily found on-line in a variety of styles. They include two dispenser vases that hold the sand, a decorative glass vase or frame display to pour the sand into, and special fine grain colored sand in a selection of colors. Purchase what you like and bring it with you.

We ask if you are planning to do this, just so we can let our vendors know to ask you about it before the ceremony. If you decide to do this and it turns out to be too much of a hassle to travel with, no worries :)

FYI: You really don't want to use beach sand. Our experience is that it's more coarse than the special colored sand they sell, sometimes damp, doesn't pour smoothly and instead comes out in clumps, and it's not as pretty or decorative.