What about a Set-Up?

We do not suggest spending money on arches, chairs, Chuppahs, cloth aisle runners, altars, or any of that kind of stuff. Why? We just don't think it's worth the cost for a 10-15 minutes at the most, ceremony.

Simply, your money is better spent on things that make your day easier and/or enhance your experience and memories like, more photos, video, music, limousine, flowers, hair & make-up, etc.. And because the beaches we use are so naturally scenic, we believe that, that money spent for these types of set-ups are far better spent elsewhere or not at all.

If we didn't firmly believe that this was a waste of money and with no real or lasting benefit, we'd offer it. Some websites make good money on the arch and chair set-up.

With that said, we do have a very nice and more appropriate set-up to create the "sense of place" you may be looking for which is not a waste of money that looks good in photos and doesn't "break the bank". Consider our Tiki floral set-up, circle lei, or scattered flowers, either separately or in combination.

The fact is,
these types of set-ups are not allowed (as per permit rules) just near the ocean, which is where we like to be for the most scenic photos. See illegal set-ups here.

A set-up can be done just outside of the tree-line but, the tree-line is far from the water.

FYI: There's a website that uses Waimanalo Bay Beach Park, often two set-ups side-by-side doing ceremonies concurrently. We don't like that park and we don't like being so far from the ocean. Everything and everyone in-between the ocean and the set-up is in the photos LOL. See here.

FYI: As per permit requirements, we do not allow any non-AHW provided set-ups or ceremony site decorations including floral decorations, flower petal paths, aisle runner, etc..

Consider these points:

- Set-ups with chairs, arches, etc. are prohibited on all Hawaii beaches just near the ocean. We like to be as near to the water as we can be.

- The ceremony is 10-15 minutes and the entire coverage, without extra photos sessions, is about 30 minutes at most. Is it really worth the cost? We suggest that money will be better spend on other services and products that enhance your ceremony and memories.

- It transforms and complicates what is suppose to be a simple beach wedding into something else... costly and complicated. LOL.

- A set-up limits your location options to City & County beach parks where it's allowed and those beaches are usually busy.

- We have no control of public areas. We cannot ask people to move their shades, umbrellas, tents, fishing poles or themselves out of your background for photos. And once set up, you can't move the set-up either.

- The spot where you see chairs or arch set-ups in website photos, may or may not be available on your ceremony day. Public space remember

- On anything other than a flat and hard beach, arches and chairs just don't set up well and often look crooked and out-of-line in photos. Plus, chairs in the sand are not the firmest of things to sit on.

- In the case of inclement weather, you just can't move to a new beach that's clear. You could but, the set-up will not follow and you're doing what we suggest in the first place, and you loose that money you spent for the set-up! If rescheduling to another day, you're probably paying for a whole new new set-up. Same if there's a unforeseen event at the beach you've chosen.

- Tip: Half of your guests will prefer to stand versus sitting in the hot sun for amy length of time. Order half the amount of chairs, pay less, and have no empty chairs.

-Tip: If your dream is to have chairs, arch, decorated aisle, etc., and/or expect a longer traditional church style ceremony of 20-30 minutes, use a hotel or private estate, don't use a beach wedding website.

We've done our ceremonies with 30+ guests without any set-ups and it works. Our advice, spend your money on something else or save it, you're not making your wedding any more special or better by having a set-up.