Sunrise Ceremonies


We don't recommend them. Why?
Simply because, it may not happen as you would want i.e. it can be cloudy blocking the actual sunrise, many times there might be rain blowing through, it can be windy. And it's just too early for us! It screws up the work day which may be til sunset. You get to go back to the hotel and chill LOL!

Photographically, the water is black, landmarks and mountains black too, and there can be significant glare off the ocean so, none of that can be a background for a ceremony. Maybe silhouette scenic photos but, nothing else. Just like sunset, we do not use the sunrise as a background for the actual ceremony. Also, the sun comes up but, it's too early to get any color in the sky and it just turns out being white in the photos.

Oh yeah, going back you'll hit major morning traffic (on weekdays).

Sorry, no sunrise for us!