Event Planning and Coordinator Services


We specialize in providing ceremony and ceremony related professional services and products for simple and intimate beach weddings at public beach locations and we plan and coordinate those services as part of our package service.

Unfortunately, we do not do planning or coordination for ceremonies at private sites or for receptions.

Why? The majority of our clients are having small intimate beach weddings and they don't need our help i.e. they do this on their own (using our website and Google search of course). And it's just not a extra cost we want to add to our prices.

With that said, if you are having more than a small intimate beach wedding and/or require a ceremony at a private venue (hotel, private estate, etc.) and need help finding and selecting a venue, suggestions, advice, would like to communicate with only one contact person who will act as your personal liaison with venue managers and staff, and most importantly, to avoid mistakes or wasting money, you might want to use the Event Planner/Coordinator we have used in the past.

The Event Planner/Coordinator we use has planned and coordinated events of the smallest size and up to 500+ people for wedding, personal, and corporate events. She'll save you time and frustration, help you to avoid costly mistakes, get you deals you are not aware of, discounts you could not get on your own if simply for the fact that you don't know what to ask for, and most importantly, give you confidence and "no stress" in knowing that you're event is planned, let us know and we'll have her contact you.

FYI: We can offer our professional services with the basic package including the minister and photographer, and additionally, video, flowers, musician, transportation, and most of our other products and services at applicable prices for private site events. Ask us when you get things set.

FYI: This is not an endorsement or recommendation. We're just saying that this person has always done a good job for clients in the past.

E-mail: Nina Fasi. nfasi_02@hotmail.com