Weekends, Holidays, and Special Dates


We suggest any other day but, a Saturday or Sunday or a holiday but, if you must have it on one of these days, we can perform ceremonies at specific locations and times and usually without most of the problems associated with weekends but, this is no guaranty and you're basically accepting what a weekend date/time be.

Why not on a weekend or holiday? Just think of how the most popular recreational spots where you live is like on the weekends... it's like that.

It's just busy on weekends and holidays when people aren't working, a no-brainer. Add a couple hundred thousand tourists and you get the idea. There's people all over the place, weekend traffic, no parking, and events like parades, carnivals, canoe races, football, parties, and all manner of things people do, happen on weekends and we have no way of keeping track of or planning for these events, which may affect the outcome and success of your event.

With that said, we totally understand that for some couples (cruise ship passengers, locals, military, etc.) a weekend or holiday, may be the only choice. If that's you, we're going to try to help you and give you the best advice given the parameters and specifics of your event.

We charge more for weekends and holidays depending upon the holiday. The pull down menu on our order form will show the time and locations we use for these weddings. State and Federal holiday and special dates are charged the same as weekend rates. State holiday's are usually, a Saturday rate and Federal holidays a Sunday rate. We'll let you know the correct rate.

We rarely, if ever, deviate from those selections. We'd submit to you that, any website who tells you otherwise, is more out to get the job versus caring whether or not you have a successful and positively memorable event.