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Hawaii Weddings and Vow Renewals on Oahu

Lanikai Beach

Windward Oahu.
No sunset.
10 am to 2 pm best.
Can go as late as 4 pm.
Vendor travel fees apply.

Hawaii Wedding and Hawaiian Wedding

Lanikai Beach is a very popular 1 mile sandy beach on the Windward side of Oahu. Plan for 40 minutes of travel time from Waikiki depending upon the time of day.

The actual beach area is not that wide so, you really don't want to have too large a group. The beach and ocean is always so expect people, far and near, to be in all of your photos and no we do not edit each photo to remove distractions, you''re paying us enough for that., nor do we do it.

Unfortunately, it's almost always as busy all days and/or restricted, , with parking in the neighborhood side streets a big challenge.

We always used to do a handful of events at Lanikai each year way back when it wasn't busy all the time. Now, it's like Waikiki beach LOL.

Our advice? Come to us! Use one of our top beaches. They are more scenic, make for better photos, and are simply better for weddings. After, spend the day or evening in Honolulu, hang-out, go snorkeling or surfing , shop at Ala Moana, have dinner in Waikiki, etc., you're probably going to do that one day anyway. We've had many of our clients do just that.

If you really like the view and you don't mind the crowds i.e. people around you, behind you, and in your photos, up to you.
FYI: If you choose to have a ceremony which goes against our best advice and we may agree to do it, our agreement is not tacit approval of your plans or an agreement to accept responsibility for the outcome.

Hawaii Wedding and Hawaiian Wedding Hawaii Wedding and Hawaiian Wedding

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Hawaii Wedding and Hawaiian WeddingHawaii Wedding and Hawaiian Wedding Hawaii Wedding and Hawaiian WeddingHawaii Wedding and Hawaiian Wedding