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This form is our primary planning tool. There is no obligation. You do not have to pay a deposit to submit this form. This is only an inquiry and not a reservation.

If you are desiring a specific date, time, and/or location, the primary objective is to secure it especially if your event is within 30 days. Do not get hung up on the extras. You can always try to add those later on.

Your computer will normally "cache" websites you visit. If you're returning, please "refresh" your browser (and cache) to see our most current form.

FYI: Unlike other wedding websites, we do not place cookies on your computer to collect, track, or use information gathered from your browsing.

Use the links to learn the details of our services and products. This will ensure a quicker planning process and avoid confusion.

If we have questions, we'll get back to you for answers. If it's straight forward, we'll email a draft contract for consideration.

We can only give limited advise advice and make a draft contract only if the "Required" sections are completed in full.

If you want to know the approximate cost, simply add up all of your selections.

Finally, if you have not noticed already, our prices are very good and many times, lower than what you could get directly by your own effort. We do not employ admin staff, sales people, coordinators, have partners, or office rent to pay consequently, we can offer low and possibly the lowest prices for our professional services and products, while still offering the highest quality available

Note: If there's no response within 7 days (less if your event is near) for our reply to this submission, we delete all emails. No worries, when you're ready to proceed, just fill out a new form and we'll start again.

Mahalo for your consideration. We hope we can help you.

#1 - Ceremony Details

Ceremony Date - Required.

We recommend Monday to Friday. We only do weekends and holidays at specific locations and times.

We suggest having your ceremony of a weekday, Monday to Friday, and to avoid weekends. About weekends and holidays.

FYI: We are unavailable on: January 1. July 4, Thanksgiving Day, December 25 & 31, March 11 to 16, and August 12 to 17.

- Reservations are accepted up to 12 months out only. Last minute OK too.

Number of Participants - Required.

Our package includes a beach ceremony permit for up to (5) participants. You may add more. The permit maximum allowed is (30). Please be as accurate as possible. About participants.

The number of participants will determine your options and the appropriate location for your ceremony. A DNLR permit is required for all beach ceremonies throughout the State. About permits.

Total of of ALL participants (including the couple).

Ceremony Type & Style - Required.

About ministers. Ceremony FAQ's.

Ceremony Location - Required.

See a map of Oahu.

Honolulu/Waikiki - Magic Island
Honolulu/Waikiki - Waialae/Kahala Beach
Honolulu/Waikiki -
Duke Kahanomoku Beach

East Honolulu - Portlock Beach

Windward - Waimanalo Beach
Windward -

West Oahu - Ko Olina
North Shore

Monday through Friday are the best, less busy, and more private depending upon the time. Weekends and holidays are only available at specific locations and times.

Honolulu/Waikiki and Windward locations are the most scenic and best given the parameters we consider as most most important. Ko Olina and North Shore locations pose challenges (even if you're staying out there) and are more costly.

FYI: Locations outside of Honolulu/Waikiki require travel fees. About fees.

1. BEST for Monday to Friday in the morning.

2. BEST for Monday to Friday, afternoon and sunset. About sunset.

3. BEST for Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. About weekends.

4. See all available locations and times available.

Ceremony Time - Required.

Choose a time that's listed as best for your location and day, or close to it if possible. It'll help your ceremony to be more successful and stress free. About times.

#2 - Basic Package - Required.

Our Hala package includes your ceremony officiate and our Certified Professional Photographer for ceremonies with up to 5 participants. Add more participants, photos, extra services, products, and upgrades in the sections following.
Read more.

Hala - $285 -

- State licensed minister.
- Choice of ceremony styles and extras.
- Blessing of rings.
- Hawaiian Lei exchange.

- Certified Professional Photographer.
- Ceremony, portrait, scenic, and group shot.
- Up to (100) photos shot for viewing and selection.
- (3) Hi-Res JPEG photo files to make your own prints.

Free Extras:
Decorative keepsake certificate.
- (2) Kukui Nut lei for lei exchange.
- WebPhotoGallery posted for 30 days.
- Photo download posted for 30 days.
- Photo usage copyright release.
- DNLR permit for (5). Add for more.

#3 - Add Services, Upgrades, Products - Optional.

Our professionals work as a team and are coordinated by us. Permit and insurance requirements, do not allow non-AHW vendors for these services. Read more.

Ceremony Extras

$00 - Unity Sand Ceremony. Client implements. Read more.
$00 - Unity Sand Ceremony with children. Client implements.
$00 - Unity Sand Ceremony. AHW implements.
$00 - Unity Sand Ceremony with children. AHW implements.

Tell us more...

Photography Extras
About Photography. Photo FAQ's.

$100 - Upgrade to (10) Hi-Res JPEG photo files.
$225 - Upgrade to (ALL) Hi-Res JPEG photo files.
$25 - (1) Extra
Hi-Res JPEG photo file

$45 - Top Photographer. Read more.
$45 - Extra B&G scenics. Read more.
$45 - Extra family portraits. Read more.
$45 - Extra bridal party portraits. Read more.
$45 - Traditional family portraits. Read more.

$25 - B&W conversion for photo files.
$25 - DVD disk of package photos. Mailing cost is additional.
$100 - RUSH WebPhotoGallery posting within 48 hours. Read more.
$100 - RAW unprocessed photo files for package selected photos.

Photo Tour to Makapuu Pt. Lookout. Read more.

Tell us more...

Video Coverage About Video.

$265 - Highlight Edit of ceremony. Pro Res mp4 file.
$325 - Highlight & Full Edit of ceremony. Pro Res mp4 file.

$45 - Coverage of photo session following ceremony.
$25 - Pro Res mp4 file on (1) DVD disk. Mailing cost is additional.
$200 - RUSH completion within 3 weeks. Read more.

Tell us more...

Ceremony Musician About Music. Read more.

$95 - Hawaiian ukulele musician.

$95 - Hawaiian guitar musician.

Tell us more...

Ceremony Spot Decorations & Set-Ups

These decorations are a nice, natural way, to add a "sense of place" and are allowed under the beach wedding permit. Order alone or combine.
FYI: All site decorations must be provided by AHW as per our permit.

See photos.

Tell us more...

Beach Wedding Cake Read more.

Cake sharing ceremony with a 6" vanilla cake, butter cream frosting, fresh flower topper, including delivery fee, and photo coverage. Beach Cake has a table set-up and knife to use for cutting the cake, disposable plates and utensils. Wiki Wiki does not include the table or knife but, it's fun :)

$165 - Beach Cake with photo coverage. See photos.
$125 - Wiki Wiki Cake with photo coverage. See photos.

Tell us more.


Celebratory toast including photo coverage. We use sparkling apple cider, flutes for couple, and disposable cups for guests. (1) bottle for up to (8) persons. Includes delivery.

$65 - Sparkling cider toast. (1) bottle. Photo coverage.
$15 - Extra bottle of sparkling apple cider.

Tell us more...

Rain Insurance About rain.

Rain insurance for Pikake, Plumeria, Orchid, or Maile package only. About insurance.

Tell us more...

#4 - Extra Services & Products - Optional

You can get these
"off-site" services on your own if you wish but, you may find that our prices are still less than if you got it on your own. Read more.

Limousine & Transportation About Transportation. FAQ's.

Licensing and insurance requires that the number of passengers including babies cannot exceed the listed vehicle capacity.

$35 - Video coverage of AHW vehicle ceremony arrival.
$35 - Video coverage of AHW vehicle ceremony departure.
$35 - Photo coverage of AHW vehicle ceremony departure.

Tell us more... hotel, pick-up area, etc.

Hair & Make-Up Read more.

Hair and/or make-up either at hotel room or our vendor's salon just outside of Waikiki. All service is done in one room and must include a Bride service.



Note: Extensive flat ironing, curling, braiding, weaving, of hair or extensions, or anything that is not standard requires extra time and cost and must be listed on your contract or it will not be done. Let us know.

Tell us, how many, special hair needs or requests, etc...

Hawaiian Flower Lei See examples.

Fresh flower lei for the couple lei exchange, include children, parents, and guests. All flower products are delivered to the ceremony site. Note: Inclement weather can make some flowers unavailable and will be substituted.

For individual lei and Haku, a $25 pick-up and delivery fee is additional without a Let Set order (above).

"Haku" fresh flower head wreath woven in the Hawaiian method.

Tell us more, how many, etc...

Bouquet & Floral Extras See examples.

Round, handle-mount, small size fresh flower bouquet. All flower products are delivered to the ceremony site. For individual lei and Haku, a $25 pick-up and delivery fee is additional without a Let Set order. Note: Inclement weather can make some flowers unavailable and will be substituted.

Florals matching with bouquet or lei..
$15 - Floral hairpiece. Hairpins or clips are not included.
$10 - Boutonniere.
$35 - Floral wristlet.
$50 - Flower shower with photo coverage. (1) pound flower petals.

Tell us more, how many, etc...

Hawaii Accommodations

Good to let us know just in case we need to contact you and/or you have no U.S. mobile phone. If you order AHW transportation or hair & make-up, please make sure you let us know eventually if not known now. Please give the full name of your hotel. Some hotels have multiple properties and/or similar names..


#5 - Client Information - Required

All the information below is required to proceed to a draft contract and price quote.

Female #1 - First and last name.

Female #2 (same-sex) - First and last name.

Male #1 - First and last name.

Male #2 (same-sex) - First and last name.

Street address.


State or Province.

ZIP or Postal Code.

Country other than USA.

Primary mobile phone:

Other phone:

#6 - Email Address - Required.

We only send and use one email address so, use the most reliable. Please make sure it's entered correctly or we cannot respond.

Your email:

Your name:

I am a third-party "Agent" acting for the couple and warrant that Client agrees to this form selection. If an agent, please tell us your relationship to the couple.

#7 - Attest - Required.

I/We attest that the named principals are over the age of 18 years and the above information is correct.

#8 - Process This Form - Required.

We always respond and most always within 24 hours (except weekends).

If you don't get an email from us, first check that you gave us the correct email address, then check your trash or junk mail folders.

Mahalo and Aloha and thank you for your consideration.

Note: If you're a spam junk-mailer sending useless links, this form comes only to us and we delete it immediately. It'll be a waste of time.