Family Portrait Session

Click on photo to see shots from this session.

When a family comes together for a wedding or vow renewal, it's a perfect time have a family portrait. Families are important.

Traditionally, you would schedule a family portrait session on another day with the session dedicated entirely for that purpose. What we do is offer our clients the opportunity to have a short session after the wedding or vow renewal day, at a fraction of the cost.

Your wedding photo coverage includes a group shot and with an extended family session, shots of the bride and groom with their families and breakdown shots but,these are not a traditional family portrait stye shot.

A "family portrait" session is where we focus solely upon the individual family and devote additional time to do a couple of poses with the singular purpose of creating a family portrait like those shown here. We're not looking to get a whole bunch of shots, we're looking for the one great shot which can be used to decorate the wall of a home.... a family portrait!

How It Works

We will schedule your family portrait to occur just prior to or just after your ceremony event at the same location.

We'll normally try at least 2-3 set-ups. The session is relatively fast, maybe 10-15 minutes at the most. It's not about the time, it's about getting the shot.

You can use your package product to select the photo files for both your wedding and portrait session. FYI: The cost of the session does not include photo files.

FYI: It's natural to want to pack as many different shots into one session i.e. individual shots of your kids, shots of your kids playing in the sand, high school senior portraits, shots of couples or smaller family groups, etc. but, this portrait session and price only allows for shooting a family portrait only. It does not allow for all this extra stuff. If this is important to you, we can do a regularly priced portrait session. Let us know.

FYI: If you have young children (and specifically a 2-3 year old :), you want to make sure that they are relatively good with photos, generally happy, and mindful of you. When they're not, it can be pretty stressful for you and you might not get any good photos.