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Hawaii Wedding and Hawaiian Wedding

"You simply will not find better photography for your wedding!"

We use the most experienced, top photographers for our weddings. You will not find better photography at a better price.

We normally shoot up to 80-100 or more photos depending upon the specifics of the event to include the ceremony, B&G portrait, scenic, and group shot for client's to select from.

And of course, you'll get a copyright photo release for personal use.

That's pretty much about it.

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What We Do

Simply, we start with the ceremony and finish with the portrait session or continue with the cake, toast, or Photo Tour, and we're done. Pretty straight forward right? No, it's what happens in between that makes the difference! :)

We start by shooting your ceremony and especially your portraits, in a storytelling progression.

This simple technique allows us to get the variety and shots for a good selection and to work at a comfortable pace.

We accomplish more and in less time than what others take and hour or more to get. You're saving time, you're saving money, and you get to share a complete WebPhotoGallery of your event with your family and friends.

After the event, the job still isn't done. Unlike most photographers, we manually "process" each individual RAW photo to our interpretation of the optimum color balance, contrast, and exposure, and make corrections and add special enhancements where appropriate.

The photos come out exactly like what you see on our website. FYI: Do you know that we make corrections in 1/10th increments? Not 1/2 or whole amounts or globally. That's how precise we like our photos!

After processing, we'll have your photos ready for viewing and selection using the personal website we make for you.

This WebPhotoGallery website will be available for (30) days for you to make your selections and to share with your family and friends.

When we receive your selections, we'll send you a "Final Service Invoice" which includes your credit card transaction fees, and any unpaid services, products, or upgrades.

Upon payment, we'll email you a link to download by computer, your photos. The link will be available for download for (30) days just like your WebPhotoGallery. If you have chosen to receive your photo files (or video) on a DVD disk, we'll mail your product to the address on your contract and at the soonest opportunity.

That's it. Simple and easy!

Here's what some of our clients have said.

Hawaii Wedding and Hawaiian Wedding

The photos are beautiful! Charlie the photographer was terrific and he did a great job making everyone comfortable. Your service, website, patience and help was greatly appreciated. We will definitely recommend you. Thank you. Rika.


Jay and I will be sending you a more detailed hand-written thank you note, but we wanted to send you a quick email thanking you and you staff for the beautiful photos and video! We are SO SO PLEASED. Mahalo!!! Tracy


My wife did all the planning so I asked about the photos. She said we booked you because anyone can take photos in perfect sunny conditions (not really... not like ours :) but, look at the photos they have, it's cloudy and you can't even tell and they still look great and better than all the other Hawaii wedding websites. Now I know what she was talking about. Great job! - John.


The morning of the wedding saw my wife and daughter fretting over the dress and the hair appointment to ensure they had "beach do's" ready to handle the occasional sea breezes. Meanwhile, the Groom and I hiked Diamond Head crater and spent some great bonding time together. When we returned, the ladies were still getting their hair done so we gentlemen hit the pool for awhile.

A couple hours before limo time, we enjoyed taking a few family pictures together around our hotel. Right at 3:00 P.M. the limo arrived and we were off on a short ride to Makapu'u' beach where the setting was extraordinary. My friends and coworkers cannot believe the photos you shot are real. "These have to be Photoshop-ed, it is so beautiful!" one said. After a short but very sentimental and memorable ceremony, we were off to another beach for sunset shots which turned out awesome. Then it was back to the hotel for the big dinner. All told, we were gone for maybe two and a half hours but what memories we now have. Grandpa, the former Navy photographer, would approve of your photo work if he was here to see it. It was spectacular and the digital nature of the prints afforded so much more flexibility for sharing this occasion with others.

Weddings are really about memories. And, thanks to your incomparable photography, we have lasting memories we will cherish forever. The one thing I don't have is memories of stress or the inevitable hassles associated with the usual wedding problems. The whole event went like clockwork and the smile on the face of the bride shows. That alone was worth the price of admission. And to think we actually thought about having this wedding at home.

With only one child we hoped our first wedding would go well. We could not have dreamed that it would have gone as well as it did. Thank you, thank you and thank you again. Aloha, Ray Stark.


I want to express Alice's and my appreciation for the outstanding photographs you produced for our September 14th wedding on Waialae Beach plus the additional scenic photos at Makapuu Point Lookout. We valued your very professional, friendly, and personable manner from the start of our first email to the receipt of the DVD sent by Priority Mail.

Our relatives and friends have responded with wowing exclamation points after viewing the photos on the website and seeing the finished prints made from the DVD. I am so glad we requested the "guaranteed best photographer" on the Order Form. The variety of quality images from wide angle to special close-ups taken and produced in sequence, depicted a wonderful "flow" of the ceremony highlights.

We also recognized the skillful "team" handling our ceremony events through the fine coordination between you and Rev. Mike and Pete, the chauffeur. Your wonderful ability to work together helped make our wedding day the cherished and memorable event we had always hoped it would be.

I've enclosed an envelope for you to deliver to Rev. Mike at your earliest opportunity. It contains our special appreciation for his part in our ceremony. His selection of words, neat appearance and attire all added beautifully to our special day. Additionally, his tips for obtaining our certified marriage certificate helped us obtain copies very quickly.

We will certainly recommend your services to others who may be considering a wedding in Hawaii. Thank you again for your exceptionally fine service.

Philip D. Anderson

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