What about a Set-Up?

We do not suggest spending money on arches, chairs, Chuppahs, cloth aisle runners, altars, or any of that kind of stuff. Why? We just don't think it's worth the cost for a 10 minute ceremony.

Simply, your money is better spent on things that make your day easier and enhance your experience and memories like, more photos, video, music, limousine, etc..

And of course,
these types of set-ups are not allowed on the beach near the water. A sloping beach with soft sand just doesn't work well, can be unsafe for seating, and can just look crooked LOL.

With that said, a set-up can be done on the sand legally, away from the ocean and just off the tree-line and/or boundary of some beach parks. You'll see some photos on other websites, some illegal and some not.

You'll see some companies who use Waimanalo Bay Beach Park to sell their set-ups. We don't like it because, it has to be set-up too far from the ocean to be legal. You can see the ocean (and everything in-between haha) in the distance but, to us that kind of sucks. What's the point of being at the beach if you're not near the water?

So if you must, the places we would use are Magic Island (best) or Waialae Beach Park. If you're wanting a set-up, you're probably having more participants than a simple wedding and Waialae Beach Park would not work unless, you are providing transportation for everyone. There simply is no parking.

Ask us and we'll see if it's appropriate and/or available. We may have a vendor who can offer a decorated arch/Chuppah and chair set-up. We'll let you know and get you a price if available. Again, you're looking at Magic Island which will work best or possibly, Waialae Beach Park if you're willing to take your chances.

FYI: We do not allow any client set-ups or ceremony site decorations included on our permit unless, it is specifically listed on the contract and agreed too by us. That includes chairs, scattered flowers, arch, etc..

Consider these points:

- Set-ups with chairs, arches, etc. are prohibited on all Hawaii beaches near the water. FYI: They are allowed in the vegetation and tree-line, and in the City & County beach parks with proper permits.

- The ceremony is usually 8-12 minutes max. Is it really worth the cost to spend the money for a set-up?

- It transforms and complicates a simple beach wedding into something it's not suppose to be... costly and complicated.

- A set-up limits your location options to beaches parks and specific spots at those beach parks areas where at City & County park will allow.

- You/we have no control of public areas. Any spot shown in photo samples, may or may not be available on wedding day. If there are maintenance trucks moving sand or cutting coconut trees (seen it before), if beachgoers decide that they want to fish, swim, pitch tents, or just be in your background (like at Waimanalo Bay Beach Park and sometimes Waialae Beach Park), you can't simple move everything and face in another direction.

- We cannot move to a new beach in case of inclement weather (a rare occurrence) and if you/we have to reschedule to another day, you loose everything you've spent (our rain insurance does not cover this cost).

About Other Websites

If you want to see some photos of what's not allowed, there are at least two Hawaii weddings websites which show photos of illegal set-ups where they are not suppose to be. See photos here.