What about a Set-Up?

We do not suggest spending money on arches, chairs, Chuppahs, cloth aisle runners, altars, or any of that kind of stuff. Why? We just don't think it's worth the cost for a 10-12 minute ceremony.

Simply, your money is better spent on things that make your day easier and to enhance your experience and memories like, more photos, video, music, limousine, flowers, hair & make-up, etc..

And of course,
these types of set-ups are not allowed on the beach near the water.

With that said, a set-up can be done on the sand legally, away from the ocean and just off the tree-line and/or boundary of some beach parks. You'll see some photos on other websites, some illegal and some not.

There's a company that uses Waimanalo Bay Beach Park to sell their set-ups, often two set-ups side-by-side. We don't like it because, it has to be set-up near the treeline and too far from the ocean to be legal. And everything and everyone in-between the ocean and the set-up is in the photos. To us that kind of sucks. What's the point of being at the beach if you're not near the water?

The places where it might work and be allowed are Magic Island (best) or Waialae Beach Park (not the spot where we usually do ceremonies).

For all the reasons above, we do not offer these kinds of set-ups. If you must have it, you'll need to secure on your own and provide evidence of the necessary additional park permits. You must let us know and it must be shown on our contract. Additional fees may also apply.

FYI: We do not allow any client set-ups or ceremony site decorations included on our permit unless, it is specifically listed on the contract and agreed too by us. That also includes floral decorations, flower petal paths, aisle runner, etc..

Consider these points:

- Set-ups with chairs, arches, etc. are prohibited on all Hawaii beaches near the water. FYI: They are allowed in the vegetation and tree-line, and in the City & County beach parks with proper permits.

- The ceremony is usually 8-12 minutes max. Is it really worth the cost to spend the money for a set-up?

- It transforms and complicates a simple beach wedding into something it's not suppose to be... costly and complicated.

- A set-up limits your location options to beaches parks and specific spots at those beach parks areas where at City & County park will allow.

- We have no control of public areas. The spot where you want to put your chairs or arch, may or may not be available on wedding day and you'll have to set-up where you can.

- If any of the public decides to sunbathe, fish, swim, pitch tents, or just be in your background, you can't ask them to move and you can't simply move everything.

- You cannot simply move to a new beach in case of inclement weather (albeit a rare occurrence) and if having to reschedule to another day, you lose it unless willing to pay again.

You want chairs and an arch, go use a hotel or private estate.

About Other Websites

If you want to see some photos of what's not allowed? There are at least two Hawaii weddings websites which show photos of illegal set-ups where they are not suppose to be. See photos here.