Arch and Chair Set-Ups

We do not suggest spending money on any of this stuff for your public beach wedding! Why?

Simply, we believe your money is better spent on things that create lasting value like, more coverage, more photos, video, musician, limousine, flower lei, cake and toast service, and pretty much everything else we offer.

And if you have the money for those things and still have money left and/or you're having way to many guests, then you should be paying for it at a hotel and not doing it on a beach.

Consider these points:

1). Set-ups with chairs, arches, etc. are prohibited and illegal on all Hawaii beaches on the sand near the water irrespective of photos you see on other websites.

2). The ceremony is usually 8-10 minutes long. Is it worth the cost of a set-up?

3). It transforms and complicates a simple beach wedding into something it's not suppose to be, costly and complicated! LOL!

4). A set-up limits your location options to beaches parks and specific spots at those beach parks areas where the DNLR permit and a City & County park allow.

5). We have no control of public areas! We have to accept what's there that day! Any spot shown in photos, may or may not be available on wedding day for any reason. If there are maintenance trucks moving sand or cutting coconut trees where we want to be, that's what it is and we'd have to move to a less desirable spot. If beach go'ers decide that they want to fish, swim, or just hang out in your background, you can't simple move or face in another direction (as we would with no set-up).

6). We cannot move to a new spot or reschedule to another day in case of inclement weather.

We've done our ceremonies with over 50 guests without any set-up and it works really well but, if you must, we can still help you.

We can set-ups at Waialae Beach Park (photos below), Magic Island, and a spot in the corner of Waimanalo Beach Park under the trees. We cannot do set-up anywhere else legally unless, on the property of a private estate.

FYI: See why we don't use Waimanalo Bay Recreation Area - Sherwood Forest here.

See a selection of photos from a ceremony at Waialae Beach Park edited from the full photo coverage of the 236+ photos we provided our clients.
See more photos of this ceremony.

About Other Websites

If you want to see some photos of what's not allowed, there are at least two Hawaii weddings websites which show photos of illegal set-ups where they are not suppose to be.

Illegal companies are slowly getting "busted" and because of these companies, the industry nearly averted a total ban of all wedding along the entire 4 mile Waimanalo beach (because of them). Hopefully, it won't be your wedding. See photos here.

If you are unsure of what's allowed, you can attach a photo from the websites you've seen photos from and ask the DNLR beach wedding permit administrator directly. Go here: