Arch and Chair Set-Ups

We do not suggest spending money on any of this stuff for your beach wedding! Why?

Simply, we believe your money is better spent on things that create lasting value like, more photos, video, musician, limousine, flowers, even cake and toast service and pretty much everything else we offer.

Consider these points:

1). Set-ups with chairs, arches, etc. are prohibited on all Hawaii beaches near the ocean, irrespective of "old" photos of now illegal set-ups shown on other websites.

2). The ceremony is only 10 minutes long. Is it worth the cost of a set-up?

3). It transforms and complicates a simple beach wedding into something it's not suppose to be, costly and complicated! LOL.

4). A set-up limits your location options to beaches and parks and specific spots at those beach parks areas where the DNLR permit and a City & County allow. Pretty much, you have to be in or just outside the tree-line. We like being as close to the ocean as practical... not in it by the way :)

5). You have no control of public areas, have to accept what's there, and can't tell people to move. Simply, any set-up shown you see on other websites, may or may not be available on wedding day! Worse, if there's maintenance trucks, coconut tree trimmers, sunbathers, fishermen, swimmers, or people just hanging out in your background, you can't simply move the whole set-up or face in another direction, you're stuck with it. Not a good look.

6). If there's rain, you just can't move the whole set-up to another beach. And you'll probably have to pay twice if doing another day.

7). On anything other than a flat beach, arches, gazebos, and chairs just don't set up well and often look crooked. Plus, chairs in the sand are not the firmest of things to sit on LOL.

Look, we've done our ceremonies with 30 guests and more without any set-up and it works really well. Why have your guests sitting in the hot sun and take a chance of all of the above being possible. Save your money or spend it on something else!

FYI: See why we don't use Waimanalo Bay Recreation Area - Sherwood Forest here.

About Other Websites

If you want to see some photos of what's not allowed, there are at least two Hawaii weddings websites which show photos of illegal set-ups where they are not suppose to be.

Illegal companies are slowly getting "busted" and because of these companies, the industry nearly averted a total ban of all wedding along the entire 4 mile Waimanalo beach (because of them). Hopefully, it won't be your wedding. See photos here.