About Rain


Here's what you need to know:

- First thing: We don't talk about rain LOL.

- Second thing: However you want to explain it, w
e've either had uncanny luck or we've been blessed. We're not saying we haven't had to deal with rain but, even when we have, it's pretty much been OK.

- Third thing: After thousands of weddings, we've only had to reschedule a couple of times. Pretty amazing when you think about it.

- Fourth thing: If you're planning to have your wedding outdoors at the beach, you've already accepted that the weather might not be perfect.

Fifth thing: A "Plan B" isn't included in our prices. That's gotta be obvious given our prices but, you may have the possibility of rescheduling your event with our rain insurance. See more here.

FYI: You can pay a hotel or private estate $2k-$4k to stand on their grass and even then, they may or may not have a "Plan B".

- W
e actually don't think about rain much until, that day unless, it's a big storm we know is here. Why? It could have been pouring rain but, when we do the actual ceremony, it's fine.

- Clouds, overcast weather, wind, and even intermittent rain is not enough of a reason to cancel or reschedule a ceremony. The lighting is nice when it's overcast and rainbows only happen when it rains. LOL.

Being in the middle of the Pacific, weather changes quickly consequently, it's really hard to predict. Even for huge storms they say are coming.

- Don't get freaked out by TV and website forecasts! They're wrong 80% of the time. LOL. Even when they predict "severe" weather, it ends up being perfect.

- In Hawaii we have far more good weather days than bad and most of the beaches we use from are usually not as affected by rain as the rest of the island.

- We have the most temperate climate in the world (fact). Hawaii is pretty much nice all the time and there is no best month. It anything, we seem to see more rain in early Winter these last couple of years.

- Rain in Hawaii is a common early morning occurrence and sometimes in the later afternoon depending upon the wind direction, and especially for the interior of the island. We're on the beaches.

- Beach locations we use are less likely to get the worst rain simply because of the geography.

- It rains usually over the mountains, interior, or west side almost every day. Waikiki, East Honolulu, and Windward east side by Makapuu and Waimanalo are usually not wet while other parts of the island are.

- In a normal year, you can expect more rain from November to February. Understand that "more" doesn't mean every day or all the time :)

- Hurricane season is from July to September (we've had only 3 in the last 35 years and only one that got close to Oahu... pretty good odds. Tropical storms come and go throughout

- Fall/Spring/Summer is nice but, it can also be hot and muggy.

- Wet weather in the late Fall and Winter is normal but, it's sunny most days.

- Then you add El Nino and El Nena with drought and wet years and you understand that "locals" just roll with it.

How does it work for ceremonies?

- Heavy clouds, overcast, drizzle, wind, and intermittent rain, light or heavy, are not reasons for us to reschedule a wedding.

- As it works out most always, with a little patience, we'll be able to perform your wedding as scheduled. We might also suggest a last minute (literally) location change. If we have a USA mobile number or if you use our transportation, no worries. If not, oh well.

- If it's an obvious storm system like a hurricane or large tropical storm, we'll talk either the day before or on the morning of the wedding.

- We'll only suggest a reschedule if it's really bad and we think it will continue. we only done this a couple of times. We've learned the lesson of rescheduling a couple hours before the ceremony and it turns out to be a good day, and then the rescheduled day is worse!

Here’s what we can do at our sole discretion:

We'll wait as long as we can for the rain to pass as long as it doesn't conflict with a ceremony to follow.

- We'll suggest another location. You will be responsible for vendor travel fees outside of Honolulu/Waikiki, travel fees (if any) already on your contract will not be returned and extra limousine time if required will be additionally due.

We can use your hotel room or alternate covered location you have secured. Vendor hotel parking fees will be additionally due.

We'll have an umbrella for the couple but , we won't have umbrellas for guests.