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About Us

Hawaii Wedding and Hawaiian Wedding


You will not find top wedding professionals
or higher quality services and products
at more affordable prices!


Who We Are

We are a "Ohana" (family) of top Hawaii wedding professionals who share a spirit of Aloha, providing the best Hawaiian beach wedding experience.

We share a dedication to excellence in creating the
absolutely highest quality products at the most affordable prices.

Each member of our Ohana is a recognized top-tier professional, providing the highest quality services to hotels, venues, and Hawaii "locals", most for well over 20-30+ years.

We work as a team to make your wedding experience a happy, joyful, and memorable experience.

When we perform as a group, we harmonize beautifully and create "music" like no other. We're kind of like a "Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young" of Hawaii weddings" LOL.

It's our life. and there are no better jobs.
We love what we do, we enjoy working together, and you'll enjoy us being part of your wedding or vow renewal memories.

Why We Are, Who We Are

"Tourist" weddings have always been a entry level job or the place for those who couldn't make it on their own in the "big leagues" of local weddings. Even more so nowadays. Anybody make a website and do weddings.

We created AHW to provide the same high quality services and products we offered individually to our "local" clients except, priced for simple destination beach weddings.

All of our "Ohana" members are top professionals with years of experience.

That's right, we're not youngsters, we've done it all before. We know what we're doing and we know how to do our jobs if only because, we've done it for thousands of clients successfully and at the highest levels.

What we do...

  • We are a weddings services and products provider who, by offering our packages and providing our service, plans your beach wedding ceremony. Pretty simple.

  • We offer only the ceremony services appropriate for beach weddings. If you don't see it here, it's either not right for the beach or it's a waste of money.

  • Our website is based upon real wedding experience. It's straight forward and direct. If we think something won't work or is a bad idea, we'll tell you straight.

  • We offer the most competitive prices and you also get the highest quality services and products.

  • We give you the easiest way to plan and reserve your wedding.

  • We give you the best Hawaii wedding day experience we can no matter the circumstance.

  • Relieve you of all the stress in planning your beach ceremony.

  • Suggest to the best locations for your ceremony based upon your specific needs, not ours.

  • Offer more, from the very best Hawaii wedding professionals at a better price and value than you could get anywhere else.

  • Share our insight based upon our many years of Hawaii wedding experience, so you'll avoid costly mistakes and disappointment.

  • Reserve and coordinate all the services we provide for a no-worries, hassle free, fun, and memorable Hawaiian wedding day. All you have to do is show up with your marriage license!

Hawaii Wedding and Hawaiian Wedding

What we aren't and don't do...

  • We aren't a wedding planner or coordinator service.

  • We don't offer everything, unnecessary or inappropriate items, or stuff that's just a waste of money.

  • We don't copy other websites like two websites you might have seen who sound very similar to us in words, packages, and even prices. We earned what we say!

  • Make things up to look better than they are, call photographers "Certified", or say we use "top" people unless, it really is true.

  • List services and products and having no details of how those services work, what you can expect, and what you're paying for. Not doing so leads to some pretty big disputes and wedding day problems. Someting you don't want or need.

  • Entice you with "free" stuff. Fool you with a free cake or free $6 bottle of Champagne (who knew they were that cheap LOL) and not saying that you just get it. No ceremony, no photos.

  • We're not a high volume "tourist wedding" website. High quality and high volume are contradictory. "Hawaii Weddings at Their Best", we don't think so.

  • We're not a traditional coordinator/planner who needs to email you back and forth to be relevant or charge you a "middle" person planner fee.

  • Make the cheapest prices, give the most, and cut corners because of that.

  • Have ministers who decided they could make more money by being a photographer too. LOL.

  • We're not "off-beat" or "just a little different", goofy, freaky, fakey, panderers, fussy, ego-heads, insistent, or creepy. It's real LOL.

  • Tell you what you want to hear just to get your money. We'd rather pass on a job than agree to what will be a problem.

  • We don't "stuff" our packages "no-value" or "pseudo" services and deceptive "freebies" just to make them look better.

  • We don't cancel you at the last minute for a bigger or higher paying job. It's sad but, true.

  • Substitute "real" professionals with college students, wives, etc. or worse "double-up" i.e. minister or coordinator who also does the photos, etc. All of our people are top professionals in their own right who we bring together for your wedding.

  • We don't offer weddings on all islands simply because it doesn't work. We tried that. We only specialize on Oahu.

Questions and Answers

How can we tell that you're any better than other websites?

Look at our website and photos, what we say, our advice, our answers to your questions, and the timeliness of our responses.

We may not tell you everything you want to hear but, we're going to tell you what you need to know and what's best based upon our experience.

Why are you better than a traditional wedding planner/coordinator?

We don't add wedding planner/coordinator "middle-man" fees to our beach ceremony packages . It's just an extra unnecessary cost for a simple beach wedding.

Can you perform planner/coordinator services for our reception?

No, but we suggest someone who we've worked with in the past.

Why do your vendors cost less than us hiring our own vendors?

Because our vendors are "anonymous", they are freed from bothering them LOL and from their standard prices they would charge their "regular" clients.

Can we select our own vendors and you do the planning?

No. We don't work with outside people. We've had problems so, we no longer do.

Why we aren't as "cheap" as some tourist websites?

Simply, we aren't a traditional "tourist" website. We don't use cheap, lesser talented professionals, hobbyists, part-timers, college students, etc. used by "tourist wedding" websites.

Do you have an office to meet?

No. We are Internet based only. Raise prices or hire cheap people just to pay rent? No way. Plus, we've seen too many websites brag about having an office in Waikiki, only to shut down and leave people stranded. We'd rather charge you less and pay our Ohana more, than pay rent!

Finally, in one of our client's own words... yeah, it's their own words exactly!

Thank you. You are very helpful. I am just trying to make sure everything is perfect and as you can imagine, it's pretty difficult from Australia - organizing a wedding in Hawaii! Having said that, since you have the experience and clearly I don't, I am just going to put my complete trust in you. I am sure you will do the best that you can.
I have been contacting places in Hawaii that advertise weddings for a few months now. You have been the fastest to respond and by far the most helpful. I have given your web address and copies of our correspondence to my travel agent here. She often has people asking her about weddings in Hawaii and she refers them to a company here in Australia that negotiate etc. with people in Hawaii.(At an incredibly expensive rate too). Your excellence has allowed me to show her that there is no need to refer people to an expensive company when they can do the work themselves! So, having said that, you now have the respect of my travel agent and she will be referring others to you.

I will be making my reservation payment shortly. - Amanda

"The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low cost is forgotten".

Your wedding is not the time to learn this lesson.
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