A Hawaii Wedding

Hawaii Weddings and Vow Renewals on Oahu

Hawaii Wedding Music

Our Hawaiian Guitar or Ukulele singer/musician is a nice addition to your wedding or vow renewal, whether it's just you two or if you're having guests, music always makes a ceremony more heartfelt and special.

We use current and past, professional musicians. What that means is that, our musicians perform or have performed regularly at hotels, restaurants, clubs, events, weddings, etc., and other venues and are recognized within the music performance industry.

Our musician will perform wedding appropriate Hawaiian songs for the ceremony. We leave it up to the musician to decide what he will play. If you want to request a song, ask him on wedding day and if he knows it, he'll play it. If you absolutely must have a song , we suggest bringing it on a mobile phone with a player/speaker. See our Order Form, we may have one available.

Here's how it works. A song is played at the start of the ceremony, a song in the middle of the ceremony, and a song at the end of the ceremony, followed by a few songs during the license signing. If the musician doesn't have to leave, he may play a few more.

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