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Hawaii Weddings and Vow Renewals on Oahu


Hawaii Wedding and Hawaiian Wedding

We like our beach weddings ceremonies to be straight forward, simple, low-key, enjoyable and fun, and with no stress. We're pretty sure that's what our couples want too!

Our officiates/ministers are licensed by the State of Hawaii and
used by the very best hotels, top wedding venues, companies, and local couples, and they do ceremonies pretty much every day.

All of our ministers perform weddings and vow renewals. We also have a minister who is able to perform same-sex weddings. See here.

Our officiates dress in appropriate beach wedding attire

Each has their own proprietary ceremony wording and with nothing a "normal" couple would find disagreeable.

Each can perform any of our ceremony styles. With that said, we do assign officiates based upon the specifics of your event, marriage or vow renewal, and we may suggest a time/day change to accommodate their schedule.

FYI: To read about the details of the ceremony and the different styles, see our Prices & Planning Order Form.

FYI: We do not select officiate/ministers because of race, ethnicity, or gender. We simply use the best people and those we trust.

See about Ceremony details here.

See a Wedding Ceremony

Here's an uncut raw version of a Romantic Christian Hawaiian wedding ceremony before editing. Your ceremony will not be exactly the same and you may have a different officiate altogether, but this will give you an idea of what we do. It may take a minute or two for the movie to load.

See movie here.

See the photos of this wedding here.

This is not us...

ifIf you've been looking around on the Internet, you've probably seen some pretty freaky stuff!

Krishna dudes, cosmic, spiritual, mystical, bare-chested, plantation hat, ministers who do the photos and video too, music, and of course, the guy who likes the cool beach breezes and wears no underwear under his sarong woohoo.

Ministers who want to have "heart-to-heart" and "soul-to-soul" exchanges with your "divine soul", ones with strict religious ceremonies to "obey", those needing a consultation to gain a common "spiritual frequency" or "meshing" of beliefs,and even the guy who preaches joining Hari Krishna, etc..

Minister's who have a telephone conference with each of you separately, asking you to share your personal thoughts and feelings about each other, and then regurgitating every detail for 20 minutes during the ceremony to your guests. If one makes you to do this, please make sure you tell them not to share it!

FYI: We booked our photographer and other services for a same-sex male couple who got their own minister, and while the woman was very sweet and nice, she repeated what the couple told her (we have to believe in confidence). It was super inappropriate and embarrassing for them. Note: We have since discontinued allowing non-AHW ministers! Our photographer and musician just won't do it anymore.

Officiates who make our other vendors jobs more difficult than they already are.