A Hawaii Wedding

Hawaii Weddings and Vow Renewals on Oahu


Professionally created video captures the sound, sight, and emotion of your wedding unlike any other medium.

Highlight Video

This is an edited version of the highlights and most important parts of the ceremony including, music, and live audio usually about 10-15 minutes. It's easily shared and viewed.

Full Edit Video

This is a traditional style "long version" video with the entirety of the ceremony events and usually 15-20 minutes including, the ceremony, music, and live audio.


Video is performed by our videographer using a professional grade HD camera and remote lapel audio microphones for the clearest sound.

Video is edited with copyright allowed, wedding appropriate, Hawaiian music.

Editing and video is usually completed within 4-6 weeks depending upon the time of year.

Video is given as a Pro Res MP4 file and be available for by electronic download for 30 days, using our transfer service.

How We Work

- We actually have a videographer camera operator versus just setting a camera on a tripod and hitting "record".

- The minister and/or groom are set-up with remote lapel microphones to achieve better sound than just a camera mounted mic.

- For the ceremony, the camera is on a tripod for steadiness and making smooth zooms and pans. After the ceremony, the camera is handheld for a more dynamic shots.

- All video is shot using natural light with the videographer making adjustments for lighting changes.

- We're sorry, we can't use your music or requested songs. Only copyright purchased music can be used. The copyright penalty starts at $10,000 for each infraction and videographers in Hawaii have been prosecuted.

Client Comments

"Please convey our thanks to the videographer. We really enjoyed the video. I missed a lot of the ceremony as it passed so fast. With the video, we have been able to enjoy it at our leisure with our family. He did a great job editing, it feels like we were back on the islands. Thanks, Alison".

"Thank you very much, this is perfect. We had a great day and couldn't have been any happier with the way things were done. We are very happy we chose to use your company and would thoroughly recommend you in the future, we would be happy to write a testimonial should you want one. We were wondering if there were any way possible to get a copy of the words that were said by the minister as there were lots of interesting bits that are not used in an English wedding and there was too much going on to take it all in and remember it at the time."

"That was a great ceremony, we wish we had video to record it, can we get a copy of the words?"