A Hawaii Wedding

Hawaii Weddings and Vow Renewals on Oahu

Waialae/Kahala Beach

Best - 9 am to 11 am.
Can go as late as 4-6 pm.
No sunset.

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Waialae/Kahala Beach is just past Diamond Head outside of Waikiki about 30 minutes away. It's convenient, pleasant, and scenic.

The area we use is up the beach about 200 yards, fronting a luxury low-rise condo building

We can do ceremonies on the grass under the shade of the coconut trees or we use the beach if people want to be in the sand.

We use which ever area is available and not being used consequently, we cannot guaranty use of a spot you may like in our photos.

FYI: The grass area shown above and in many of our photos has beed uprooted and it's now covered with sand. It's actually quite nice and especially for those who want to be on the beach and with cocnut trees.

We suggest between 9 am to 12 pm as the best times.

Mornings are cooler and the lighting we like. It's actually good most of the day but, it can be a challenge for people from 2 pm and later with the sun in their eyes.

FYI: Many wedding companies like to do weddings later in the day which leads to congestion, no parking, taken ceremony spots, plus it's hotter.

Finally, parking can be difficult and unavailable. You may get lucky but, we suggest you use our transportation services or just get a taxi or Uber. If you drive, we suggest leaving before the travel time we suggest on the contract so, you can wait for parking (if you're not lucky) or to give you time to park up the street in the neighborhood.

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