A Hawaii Wedding

Hawaii Weddings and Vow Renewals on Oahu

Waialae/Kahala Beach

Best - Mornings 11 am and earlier.
Suggest 1 pm latest.
Can go as late as 4-5 pm.
No sunset.

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Waialae/Kahala Beach is just past Diamond Head outside of Waikiki about 30 minutes away. It's convenient, pleasant, scenic, and because of this, it's one of our clients top choices.

Mornings are cooler, less busy, and the lighting is good. Lighting is good most of the day but can be a challenge in the later afternoon. There is no sunset here.

The area we prefer to use and shown in the majority of photos is a short walk up the beach about 200 yards, fronting a luxury low-rise condo building
. We sometimes use an area fronting the beach park for larger weddings.

We primarily do ceremonies on the grass under the shade of the coconut trees as this makes for great lighting but, we can do ceremonies on the sand between the grass spots and may do so for large groups and late afternoon weddings.

We recommend a weekday Mon. to Fri. ceremony times between 9 am and 1 pm as best
. We do not recommend ceremonies after 2 pm. There is no sunset at this location.

Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) are available in the morning at 9 am and 10 am only.

We suggest you consider our transportation or use a taxi/Uber and not driving on your own for 1 pm and later times.

Weekday parking availability is best in the mornings before 11 am and less so, mid-day and later in the day. After 2 pm Friday and during most of the day to sunset on weekends, parking is impossible.

Note: Arrive early than the scheduled "meet time" to ensure you can find/wait for parking. Taxi fare has been $12-$15 and up to $20 one way. Uber is far cheaper. The Kahala hotel is just up the beach and you can catch a taxi back to Waikiki from there.

Note: If you are staying at the Kahala Hotel, let us know. The spot we like to use is a short walk down the beach and we can meet you there, instead of meeting at Waialae Beach Park.

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