A Hawaii Wedding

Hawaii Weddings and Vow Renewals on Oahu

Makapuu Beach

Windward Oahu
Best - Mornings 10 am and earlier.
Can go as late as 4-5 pm.
No sunset.
Vendor travel fees apply.

Hawaii Wedding and Hawaiian Wedding

This is as scenic and natural looking and Hawaii as it gets. It's on the eastern tip of Oahu and about 35-45 minutes travel time from Waikiki.

We perform ceremonies on the black lava rock overlooking the bay or we use the sand/rock beach area. It's up to you, both are scenic.

We recommend Monday to Friday, mornings at 9:00 am or 10:00 am. You can go later in the day, no later than 5 pm in the Spring/Summer and 4 pm in the Fall/Winter and that has worked well for us in the past though summer can be busy in late afternoon. There is no sunset at this location.

Weekday parking availability is best in the mornings before 10 am but, even then it's not guaranteed, and even less available, after that until, late afternoon most weekdays other than Friday.

Saturday, Sunday, and holidays are available in the morning at 9 am and 10 am, the earlier the better. The area just gets too busy after that and parking is impossible.

Consider using our transportation services. Taxi is just too expensive. Uber isn't that bad though.

If take our advice on days and times, and you decide to drive (many do), we suggest leaving Waikiki at least 45 minutes before the scheduled "meet time" on your contract. Parking is usually not a problem

Parking is limited either way, so if you're having a lot of guests/cars, have them get there early to find parking, book your weddings at 9 am or 10 am latest.

Note: You can have your ceremony at Makapuu and do a Photo Tour to Makapuu Pt. Lookout, which is just above on the cliff. If late in the day and in the Late Fall-Winter-Early Spring, we can go around the corner a couple of miles to Portlock Beach where we can catch the sunset. Or we can start the Photo Tour at Makapuu Pt. and do a sunset ceremony to follow at Portlock Beach.

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